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  1. Last month I contacted support and got no response for 2 weeks until they wanted to charge my card for a preorder and I mentioned it. This month I needed a new USB cable and they got back to me in only a day or two, but then said they would send me an invoice to pay for the cable. That was a week ago. I have just bought the parts to fix it myself rather than wait however long it takes to let me pay, then another week or so for it to arrive. Then I'll have a spare too. This was why I suggested they create a spare parts section of the web shop for simple things like cables but th
  2. I buy Digital COMBAT Sim modules, not second job simulator modules. The designers of the modules and campaigns are doing what satisfies most users. if you think most people sit and cold start the bird every time you are seriously mistaken, let alone realistic alignment times and so on. As has been said already the option to edit the missions to cold start is available and very very simple. On the other hand just saying "oh well auto start is there so just make everyone start cold completely misses the point that Autostart is quite slow, and slower than doing it yourself in many cases. So
  3. Exactly, that was the point. Althought, simply returning the price level to what it was before a massive price rise doesn't make it a bargain. Just what you got for your money before. Just look at the comment above "Not much more than a 2080ti" makes it worth the money somehow. Its still a $1500+US card that is not much better than an $800 card. Nvidia have successfully mind melded people into thinking they are getting a bargain.
  4. Nobody should have been surprised that the RTX 3080 ended up being "only" 30% faster than the 2080ti ... that's the standard bump in performance from every generation. It was just a miracle that they decided to drop the prices back to sensible levels. (OK, maybe less offensive levels rather than sensible) I'm glad I didn't cave in and buy a 2080ti The 3090 will not be a large jump over the 3080 at all. Just look at the hardware. This isn't like GTX 1080 VS 1080ti where the 1080 had the smaller GP104 chip and the 1080ti had the full fat GP102, or like 2080 (TU104) VS 2080ti (TU102). This is
  5. I ordered a Constellation Alpha 30th July, still in processing and haven't been charged. I contacted support 2 weeks ago for an idea of approximate timeline and haven't had a reply. Edit: Of course immediately after I write that I got an email saying I had been charged for the grip and it should be just a couple weeks away. They never did bother to answer the support ticket about adding a control panel to the order so I gave up on it. I'll make my own button box just for the fun of it and maybe lock again when the panel with the gear handle becomes available. No doubt that will be just
  6. I may of course be wrong but that looks very much to me like a part that just clamps on to the throttle arms, similar to the project a few posts above. If so it should mean that the new part could be made available. I certainly hope so as after all the waiting and huge expense for these devices I have now, to see them rendered second best so soon would be extremely frustrating. I really want to buy a button box but would the same thing keep happening?
  7. Is this the same sort of stuff used in the X56 throttle friction system?
  8. Interesting You seem to have a new version of the stick mount interface. Mine is as shown on the website with the smooth threaded stick mount and pin plug that screws in from the top, where yours has a castellated stick mount thread and pin plug that appears to now mount from underneath. Man they iterate on these things a lot. Mine is only a couple months older.
  9. Near full SSD's are very unhappy SSD's. The miniature computer in the drive uses very complex algorithms and clever firmware to ensure that wear is evenly distributed between all the cells. With only a small free space this becomes very difficult and the drive will slow down before eventually kicking the bucket early. Its very different to old school spinning rust. So yes, you should absolutely look at getting a bigger drive as rapid storage has become one of the most important factors in modern systems. It needn't be anything expensive as gaming doesn't take advantage of the really hig
  10. And downloading!! I've been really looking forward to this one. Now I just have to wait while our Australian "high speed internet" downloads it at 5Mb a second for 50GB. Thanks Malcolm Turnbull! Mr broadband my butt. I'm glad your own party knifed you for a cretin like Morrison. Anyway, these are the joys of third world internet in a first world country. We could have had fibre to the premises, but no, We can't have anything nice because its Australia.
  11. I am normally not one of those people who always promote waiting for new hardware that is "just around the corner". Its usually a matter of waiting months or weeks for announcement and release, then more waiting because the prices are absurd so just wait till the competition releases their new stuff and the price will drop ... and on and on it goes. Having said that, right now is a particularly bad time to buy new hardware, especially Intel. New graphics cards are very very close to being revealed, and there is a chance that because the new cards will be PCIe Gen 4 and Intel is still stuc
  12. Mine doesn't behave like that, obviously. What does the windows controllers tab show? Have you tried re calibrating everything? If it looks wacky in windows you could use the windows recalibration tool or there is a hardware/ firmware recalibration routine. https://support.logi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360025175874--FAQ-X56-Space-Flight-H-O-T-A-S-
  13. Seagate have their own software that will allow you to copy the drive https://www.seagate.com/au/en/support/internal-hard-drives/ssd/firecuda-520-ssd/#downloads Otherwise there are free software like Easeus partition manager free or Aomei Partition Assistant
  14. Windows 10 2004 has been delayed for some time because of the many and varied problems it has been causing. Many systems can't be updated to it at all as of yet and Microsoft have warned against forcing the install. It should only be upgraded through windows update, when they make it available. Its not Virpil software that is causing an issue because Virpil software is not used to drive the Virpil devices. Its all programmed in to the device that then uses a USB interface chip that is just like any other. Virpil don't make their own so its not likely to be their issue. Until Microsoft so
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