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  1. Best possible outcome: We get a Tornado IDS too in DCS.
  2. The hint left by dev Ljqcn seems to indicate a MK2 does not? Since I didn't see this same painting present in the Chinese mkk´s.
  3. Tests on .50321 The overall performance seems reduced, some heavier areas cause drops below 60fps which did not happen previously in the same configuration. The stutters caused by the merge with mig-21 don't seem to happen anymore. For the rest of the scenarios the stutters are still present, now I have performed the tests with the disk reading graphic. (f-14) Mission Hormuz rocket run (f-18 ) BVR 8v8 mission (f-18 ) Strike fighter mission
  4. Update: testing the .50321 version, there seems to have been a change from the second test scenario in which the mig-21 merge no longer appears to cause a stutter. For the rest of the 1st, 3rd and 4th test scenarios, the behavior and stutters presented remain the same
  5. disappears with turn and angle? This really sounds like something related to the radar altimeter
  6. It's one of the things I've tried, I added this to the list in the initial post now, thanks.
  7. Hello, unfortunately my monitor does not support f/g sync, I am using the internal vsync of dcs because it gives me the most stable frametime and no jitter on the track ir to go to all forms of vsync, fps cap or not sync at all that I tested. What leads me to report this situation waiting an answer from the ED, is that I can reproduce these stutters consistently, and a problem that can be reproduced with consistency = bug, no? (although I hope that a possible solution for these reproducible stutters would help with random ones too) just taking as an example, the stutter that occurs in te
  8. Hello friend, thanks for your attention, yes, it is certainly something related to the stream engine and dcs management of resources, for next tests I will try to enable the graphical display of the disk usage where the dcs is installed and where the saved games folder is also located. (I currently have the pagefile disabled) Regarding youtubers and other people, I'm sure that a large number of them have these stutters, only they don't realize or don't care or just don't report them, as an example there is this video from Redkite in which at least 3 moments occur stutters quite heavy an
  9. Sorry friend, but I didn't understand the irony, if you found the post irrelevant or inconvenient you could just ignore it Yes, I already tried: cpu affinity settings, cpu priority settings, testing with hypertheading / smt disabled, disable w10 fullscreen optimization, eliminate the max fps line, disable hot plug in, disabling anti virus or whitelist the folder, disabling the network device, reinstallations, installation on another ssd, the most diverse configurations in nvcp and ingame(low to high/custom), fast sync, adaptive, integrated vsync, scanline vsync, fps cap, no sync/ca
  10. As I said at the beginning of the post, these punctual stutters seem to be independent of any configuration, seem simply inherent in the way the dcs engine manages resources As you can see I have no problem with the performance, I am using it with the internal vsync since it presented itself as the most stable and does not cause jitter in the trackir system. I currently run the dcs on: r7 3700x / 32gb 3600 / gtx1070 / nvme ssd, but I found it irrelevant to bring the settings and hardware information per hour given the nature I described of these stutters, if necessary I will bring more i
  11. After trying many different configurations and adjustments in the last 3 years, including running dcs on a new set of hardweare, I realized that some stutters appear to be apart from hardware and any configuration that I try, are not directly related to performance and can be considered punctual and can be reproduced with great consistency. Maybe I'm just very neurotic with the stutters, but I decided to bring some examples to demonstrate and if others decide to test. (f-14) Mission Hormuz rocket run, When flying over targets and making a break to the left or right, I can always get 1
  12. I think that for the heavyweight category within dcs, strategic and tactical bombers such as b-1, tu-22, su-24, f-111 would be better suited, since even the b-1 can have an interesting flexibility and perform missions that would fit the tactical bombers.
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