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  1. Did you change the saturation on your throttle axis? Lowering it, say to 80% as an example, will affect how far back the throttles travel and prevent them going full idle.
  2. Delivery Of Atomic Weapons By Light Carrier Aircraft Just for shits and grins.
  3. Displays went dark in the July patch, were supposed (I believe) to fixed for the 8/19 patch. It was acknowledged a month ago, so don't see what a track is going to accomplish in this instance.
  4. You don't happen to have the saturation turned down on your throttle axis do you? That can prevent the throttle bei f able to go fully idle resulting in rolling without brakes engaged.
  5. That was fixed in last month's open beta release, so going on two months now. Patch fixed screens but broke the maverick / slam seeker head image by making it incredibly dark.
  6. Have to be fairly level to begin with. Sometimes BALT won't engage if outside of parameters then even when you do go level again it still won't engage. Have to do some manual maneuvering to totally override any AP then level out and engage BALT again.
  7. It's not though. I tend to fly with the cockpit lighting, HUD, and displays extremely dim at night. The IFEI only dims so low, which is not nearly as dim as the rest of the lighting. The brightness for the RWR buttons doesn't dim at all and just flashes when it gets to a notch before it turns off completely, though I care less about them than the IFEI. The IFEI is as dim as it goes before shutting off in these two pictures.
  8. Add the IFEI night lighting and RWR buttons to displays that are too bright at night. I've actually taken to turning the IFEI entirely off and running the ENG support page on one of the DDI's because it's so bright.
  9. It's also an issue right now that the SLAM and Maverick seeker head image is bugged and are displaying too dark to the point they're nearly impossible to effectively use.
  10. Yes. The dark seeker head images are a by product of the last patch. I believe it's been reported and acknowledged by ED.
  11. Good deal. Glad you got it figured out.
  12. Ah, gotcha. When DCS has exclusive fullscreen control it basically comandeers the entire keyboard, including the Win key. You can either set it to not have exclusive fullscreen, or what I end up doing is usually having a background window open like Firefox, then alt-tab out which takes it out of fullscreen. Once done looking at whatever, hop back in dcs and a Ctrl+enter will give dcs exclusive fullscreen again.
  13. You're not seeing "Set Wallpaper' down in the bottom right corner of the pop-up when you click on a module? Or do you mean you can't or Win+D / Win+Tab out of DCS?
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