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  1. Seems that ED may have updated there A-10c single mission set (Most likely multilanguage) and have reverted to old broken missions in 2.5.6 Openbeta, where as in the Testers nightly version they are still my fixed versions they introduced some time back. If you want working copies feel free to download replacements from the DCS User files Section. Regards, Ian. hi, thks for the clarifications, any hope we can get this fixed in the future?!?
  2. the mission is bugged, the helos blow up because they try to land on trees
  3. so for example, there is a mission for the a10c in which you have to save a downed pilot and he and other enemy soldiers are between bushes, it is not supposed to be like this?!?i can edit the mission to fix it?!?
  4. hi guys, need help, i have found on some missions enemy zsu, sams, trucks etc spawning in the middle of trees forests where you cannot see them and shoot them but they cannot see you too...is that some sort of bug?!? i have modified some missions moving those enemies away from trees but just wanted to know your opinion. thks
  5. hi guys, wonder if there is a proper way to delete mark points, i know i can have as much i want from A to Z, but sometimes they are too much and would like to have less
  6. when doing cold start in instant action with A10C and A10C 2 modules i haveanother A10C blockingthe way out of the hangar
  7. hi guys cannot let my hotas work from off to idle on this module, no problem with A10C...any idea on why?!? is like it doesn't read it
  8. i mean when i do basic training missions i see there are for the A10C but are those using the new module features?!?Or should i plan new missions to use the new module?!? thks
  9. hi, when will finally ecm mode will work in the f18?!?
  10. sorry, do you know when is ecm going to be implemented on the f18?!?
  11. yes but why without vr is another thing, completely different
  12. sorry guys so when we follow an adf signal we are forced to hear also the noises in the radio?!?
  13. hi again on this topic, i saw that when i use the night goggles in the f18 in vr ican clearly see only the hud and the world around, all the other cockpit is confused. When i look at the monitor screen instead, putting away my vr for some secs, i see that i have a green small circle in wich i see in green the night objects and periferically the rest of the cockpit is perfectly visible and readable. How is this supposed to work in vr, is ED working on a patch or a solution for vr users?!?
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