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  1. thats a stupid ideia to say the least, and comparing with iracing model (with leagues, championships, etc) is dumber yet.
  2. Its hard to be positive all the time. I dont care for Hornet vs Falcon discussion, i bought both, admittedly against my better judgement. I thought, well, it cant be more barebones than the hornet at release, at least that was my impression from all the videos, and to my surprise, even with the lowest of expectations, i was still disapointed, not even a basic damage model. Its very hard to be optmistic, specially when we are still waiting for fixes bugs that were reported on the first week of development, when we are still waiting for the new damage model, the IR revamp,any hint of develo
  3. If you take in account that Wags said they only had 4 devs working on hornet systems, some is a lot.
  4. It was not, this behavior is present from day one of the beta.
  5. Thats funny, i may be wrong here, but IIRC, they actualy released the beta a-10c without mavs :D, also, i dont see how anyone would be surprised since the last ED module released was the F-18, and that was by far the most barebones of the releases so far, at least the F-16 is on the same level of the F-18 right now, very enjoyable to fly around.
  6. As was already sugested, a simple threshold mark in the axis setting page would go a long way. Bonus points if we get the option to custumize the threshold, getting that custom curve just right can get a bit annoying.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to reply, if im not abusing your good will, could you do one more test with the 84 with a level or very shallow dive release? I think we also stabilished that a steep dive helps mitigate the problem. Here are some more screens and tracks. Same mission i posted before, two releases of the mk-84, one in a very steep dive and the other in a shallow dive. mk-84 steep dive mk-84test1SteepDive.trk mk-84 shallow dive mk-84test1ShallowDive.trk In the fisrt test, with a steep dive and a release at 12000ft it lands much closer to the center of the tar
  8. Could you do some testing with the other models? We kinda stabilished that the 83 is the most accurate one, I can score hits with it all day long, but it's a different story with the 84 with the same procedures.
  9. Thank you very much for taking a look into it. I dont discard the reason being user error, but i tried to be consistent with my delivery. Same procedure, same throttle setting, same set up for the bombs, only difference every time is the bomb loaded, yet i cant hit with the 84 even firing 4 with 100ft spacing.
  10. Since no one gave a about the tracks i posted here are some screenshots. Same mission as the tracks, same delivery profile every time. mk-82 mk-83 mk-84 My target point is exactly on the center vehicle. All bombs where released at about 8000/7500ft starting from 10000ft with a 5 degrees dive. These are only a few screenshots but ive made a lot of runs and it seems consistent. The 83 is the most accurate one, alway hit smack on the middle, inside the area marked with the red circle. The 82 hits close enough, but its always a little longer, i couldnt get a single one (when fir
  11. Did you fire multiples or singles? what altitude? level delivery or in a dive?
  12. My experience is consistent with Deano87's, the 83 is very accurate and the mk-84 is always short. I did some testing with the mk-82 in the same mission i posted above, it seems to perform closer to the 83.
  13. Ok, so i went ahead and created a very simple mission to test this. I put some static vehicles arranged in a X about 300ft wide. I put a waypoint right in the center of the X so i would not have to use the hud to designate every time and risk misplacing the diamond. There was no wind, temperature was 20 degrees celsius and QNH 29.92, the standart when you create a new mission on the ME. Tracks attatched. I made my runs as short as possible so to make replaying the tracks more consistent. Testing was made using the latest open beta branch. Tested with the mk-83 and 84. Every run starts about 10
  14. ED could at least comment, I mean, someone took the time to label this thread, it would be nice to at least give a more concrete answer to those findings this issue.
  15. Just give up, this guy is imune to reason, last time he was shown 3 distinct oficial manuals and was told so by a real pilot, but that wasnt good enough for his gut feeling, just dont feed the troll.
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