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  1. Hi, Han. Your method work correctly in single-player, but in MP environment, other player can see the kill message, as the file network\config.lua can be transfered to clients. Is there any way to turn the message off in MP? Thanks.
  2. Re: Two bugs about track file in 1.02, fixed in 1.1? Excellent!
  3. Thanks for reply, GG! 1. I and my team members had tested recording track on more than three hosts, and this problem always raised. Maybe something wrong, we don't know. I'll test again to confirm this night :-) 2. Meybe you misunderstand the question. I mean that while playing back or editing an MP track (not while recording track in MP mode), when I paused, the camera cannot be controlled. You know, you cannot pause in MP mode. However, while playing or editing a single-player track, I can control the camera when I paused a track. And this problem has been confirmed by many of my tea
  4. Hi, ED devs! There are two serious bugs about track file in patch 1.02 (not in 1.01): 1. The host player CANNOT record any track correctly in MP. When play the track file recorded by host, it seems to be a mission file, that only one aircraft appears in track and it can be controlled! 2. While playing or editing MP track file, position and other things of camera CANNOT move or adjust if "S" key pressed (pause). I think these two are very serious, and should be bugs intruduced by patch 1.02, because they are functional in patch 1.01. So, I wish ED team to fix these bugs in 1.1.
  5. :lol: Copy that. My sign pic has been deleted.
  6. Hello! My question is if the bug of the aiming piper for guns in Russian aircraft has been corrected in version 1.1? Please, ED dev., check and correct it. This is very important for me and my fellows in dogfight. Thanks!
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