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  1. Hi! While I realy enjoy the BS2 itself, the wingman in the missions is just retarded. If I fly low level he will crash into trees, buildings, or whatever obstacle is available. If he survives untill we reach a hot zone, he will die as soons as I send him out to recon the area as he mindless flys into trees. Is there a way to fix that?
  2. Had the chance to try it out and for VR it is a massiv improvement. If you ED guys read this, thank you very much! And a big thank you to you community guys. This feature takes away a huge source of frustration. I was close to let down on the sim because of the spotting in VR.
  3. Got it! Does that mean no MP on beta or just different? I hope the spyglass zoom is better than the regular one. My main problem with DCS is spotting the ground units or better said the distance at what they render in.
  4. is there any way to have something like work in progress client? Edit: thx for trying to help me out btw Edit 2: did not know there is a ob client too. I am downloading. where is the difference?
  5. No it is not there. Yes latest patch 2.5.5 something.
  6. Negative. VR center and VR zoom is there, but no spyglass. I wonder if this is coming with any module? I honly have KA-50 atm.
  7. Hi! I don´t have this option in the keybindings. Has this spyglass zoom been removed?
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