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  1. OK. I have been playing around with Recluse's mission and the comms with the JTAC works fine. I have managed to destroy, using AGM65E, an APC being lased by the JTAC. But I then have trouble trying to get my next missile to lock on to his laser for the next. I basically fly away from the target for about 10 miles then turn in reporting IP Inbound. I get cleared hot and check my missile is uncaged. The seeker is going from side to side and I can see the JTAC over the centre of Tumb Island. I assume he is lasing in the vicinity of the first APC but how can you tell? But the AGM just remains a cr
  2. Thanks. I use it all time but was not aware that is what it called.
  3. Thanks. I look forward to having fun it. Yes writing my own missions have been fun but the JTAC ones are more complicated with mist files and scripts. Still onwards and upwards as I learn.
  4. Excuse my noobie ignorance but what is "SCS". I am using the Thrustmaster FA18 stick which is really great.
  5. I have put in a huge amount of hours learning the basics of the A10C, Mig 21bis, Mig-15 and Hornet FA-18. Now I am working my way through the FA-18 Air to Ground mode with the TPOD and various laser guided weapons. Watching Wag's recent fascinating video using JTAC I was wondering how to I get to practice that art? There are no canned missions but is there a way to access the mission Wags was flying or perhaps there is a repository of submitted missions that would replicate a similar mission where you could drop a couple of GBU-16s cooperating with the JTAC. As others have said this is a h
  6. Just wondering what the correct method to use when my targeting pod is locked with a solid cross on the ground about 20 metres from a tank (for example). Pressing TDC down several times wont release it from the erroneous target and hitting the "undesignate" button just causes the pod to fly off so far I run out of time and distance to target to search for and find the original target. Is there a method to just unlock the pod but stay in the same general area? Perhaps this a bug? Cheers PC
  7. Hi Ziptie, That sounds great. I really do not have much experience getting on line and joining others so thats another big learning curve ahead. I was drawn to DCS from watching Youtube clips of 3 friends flying in formation around the Stennis. It looked so much like real life. One issue here in New Zealand is the difference in time zones. Back in the day I did some virtual airline flying using Vatsim but there were hardly any controllers on when I was flying. Having said that I now only work 4 days a week so could meet up on Wednesdays. My plan is to try and get to terms with using all t
  8. Thanks guys. Making progress slowly with these tips. I find it takes ages to scan the area ahead and pick up a target then lock on to it. By the time I do that I am overhead. I try to keep airspeed around 250 kts.
  9. I wrote a simple mission to attack a small island in the Persian Gulf so I could learn how to use the Targeting Pod. I chose the FA18C and loaded the pod and a couple of AGM-65F Mavs, No AGM-65Ds available not sure why. However once the FLIR warms up I get this FLIR display with no way to change the FOV or its horizontal or vertical orientation. I checked my HOTAS axis for the throttle designator but I don't think that's the issue. Can anyone give me a clue as to why this would happen? Obviously I am still a learner. Cheers PC
  10. Thanks a lot. It all helps. Now back to that TPOD. :-)
  11. Hi, I am very slowly coming up to speed on the FA/18 and A10C Warthog. I recently invested in the Thrustmaster FA/18 stick and really like it. However it is of course lacking one 4 position hat switch compared to the A10C stick. I would be keen to see how others have mapped their TM Warthog with the new stick. I am up to learning the TPOD in the FA/18 so there is a bunch of inputs I would like to include in my HOTAS set up. Some stuff is relatively easy using the OSBs but I wonder what works best. Using search here is tricky as typing in "FA/18 stick" brings up very aircraft in DCS Much o
  12. Thanks. I will check that out. Explains why I only get an answer when I click the mic button down. :noexpression:
  13. Thanks. I mapped (and wrote down) what each direction on the mic switch did. VHF FM,UM and AM. Not sure what the 4th one (4.250) meant. Also in my photo I had incorrectly set the aftmost VHF radio to 131.00. Changed that to 40.4. Restarted the mission and at request for start up had success with the UM radio on 260.00. Got an answer from the tower. Nothing from the AM or FM though. Also in the mission The instructor requests radio check. I selected "Wingman" but no option for "Loud and Clear or similar". Well some progress. Peter
  14. Hi, I am attempting to do the A10C Qualification campaign purchased of ED but am having a major problem with the first mission which is a simple start up and taxi. I am at Batumi (Freq 131.0). I have turned on both VHF radios and tuned them to 131.0. Please see my attached jpg. I have unselected easy comms. So I hit \ and then F5 for ATC, F1 for Batumi and F3 for start clearance. But no one answers. I have watched a couple of videos of people doing what I am trying to do and they have no issues. This is driving me batty. Any help much appreciated. Cheers Peter
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