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  1. Hi, I often noticed how external target tracking view can be a problem more than a solution when you totally loose view of your own plane and since I'm working on my own game engine, and my tracking camera doesn't loose neither own plane nor tracked target, even when changing focal (it was my job for eight years to code AIs and VG cams), I give you my own engine's camera ext-tracking behaviour routine source (do whatever you want with it, I'll make the engine GNU): (Alpha is cam elevation angle from [plane to target] line) (Gamma is angle between cam sight and [cam to plane] line) void
  2. It really looks like the problem I have. I hope it's the same cause. I'll try this as soon as possible and feedback.
  3. Okay. Tested the stick with other games and on another machine (with 1.02 only, the guy doesn't have the real stuff) and the stick works just fine. The only problem seems to be with 1.1. :(
  4. Not only. And PK is just fine like it is. Regarding damage differences, the same happens to some gun shots. Since these events are relatively scarce, it shouldn't weigthen tracks this much.
  5. Hmmm it seems obvious helmet aiming is disturbed by view changes... here, I describe a framerate/event relation problem. About using other radar modes, missile tracking is not necessarily a radar mode (with heat-seeking heads) and shouldn't be affected by active camera choice (longitudinal plane axis dependant). Next, since IR missile tracking mode keeps you "silent", when you compare missile tracking PK to other tracking modes PKs, you just don't care about them anymore (I get a 80% PK in this mode while 60% in bore, 30% in vertical sweeping and 20% in helmet). 'Bout the way tracks are
  6. Hi, I was making many fights recording replays to store some tactical examples for my team when I noticed some singular results: When shooting missiles, a replay does not ensure the recorded shots to be replayed as they occured in-game. I mean, instead of recording explosion event with actual damage amounts on target, it simply "pulls the trigger" and missile can miss or explode with completely different results on the target. According to targetting mode, it sometimes even miss the trigger pulling. i.e. When you shoot using [6]th targetting mode (missile tracking) the shooting window
  7. Ok, I just tried and after four flights, the problem didn't occur. But since the joy and its configuration didn't change between 1.02 and 1.1, and since there was no problem at all with 1.0 and 1.02, I don't see how I could correct this right now. As I said, I have no view control set on the joy, I only use keyboard for this. Could be just an hint for devs. Ah... I noticed that SWFFB throttle is not a stable input (value constantly varies) maybe is there some disturbance with this or another input. Edit: Even with joy connected and configured, if we don't touch it in-game, the problem
  8. No. Simple 1.0 upgraded to 1.1, nothing else. No. Common keyboard numpad control. No. Didn't even tried it once.
  9. So, is there a keyboard or joy event, which could cause this, in the file?
  10. You'll find the track files here (v1.1 tracks, 161Ko). For these three flights, I didn't use keyboard for any view command, only lights, brakes, flaps and gears controls. View rotations for 2 and 3 occurs while no key/button is pressed. View rotation 1 occurs while holding shift to deploy flaps (shift-F). 1- View changes while making the slow right turn to join approach path entrance (when bearing arrives on 345). 2- View changes when plane stops after fake emergency landing (~60kts). 3- View changes at the very same time the plane enters the taxiway. It sometime occurs in a middl
  11. No one ever experienced such a problem? I can't figure out how to resolve this without keybord/buttons settings making any difference.
  12. Hi, I noticed, since Flaming Cliffs have been installed, an irregular rotation of the camera (probability 80% left, 20% down-left). The rotation is continuous when started. After many flights and many flight-tests, I at last understood it was linked with the stall-speed/AOA of the aircraft. Don't know why, but whatever plane I fly 25T or MiG, when the aircraft slows two much and AOA climbs, the camera suddenly rotates [down]left. I thought the keyboard/collie-hat controls were to blame but even when removing them in view controls, the problem keeps occuring. Ah... another point: wh
  13. Aerobatics pilots can take more than 9Gs without G-suit frequently but for very brief instants. I prefer not to imagine effects on vessels and organs under maintained constraints without equipment. The point here, regarding GLOC and not airframe stress, is more a game-play issue. IMHO, considering an average pilot, good enough but not this perfect, the current G effects seem to act and balance game-play pretty well. Many 1.02 pilots used to tighten their maneuvers without any consideration of G limits (I've seen some stress their plane beyond rational structural limits) and 1.1 brings som
  14. To devs: Does the brutality of G variation count in time to LOC? I mean that it seems normal (to me) that a pilot breaking violently looses control faster than a pilot tightening an already engaged turn. In real world, the 90s suits still had a response delay. In fact, I like the way Gs work currently since I use that to get rid of sticky enemies (bringing them to 600-700km/h and force them barrelling, which leads to LOC very quickly and gives opportunity to disengage).
  15. Balance at last To me, the game is at last balanced. I use to play MiG and I was amazed to see how F15s were able to take turns at corner speed for minutes ending face to face or in my six. When I watched the replays, I noticed the MiG didn't brought me over 6G during these boring "merry-go-round" sequences while the Eagle was keeping its 8.5-9G circle brightly. So I waited for 1.1 to implement Gs to bring back this to balance and I am just satisfied. Yes I also can experience LOCs but since the MiG slips a bit more through air than the Eagle does, I keep experiencing less Gs thant F15'
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