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  1. You can double click the middle mouse button for the cursor. Alternatively, what I did was assign a button on my stick for cursor on/off. It was the button closest to where I put the mouse so everytime I needed to switch, it was only a simple press about a hand's width away from the mouse. Had no issues with that setup. But I'd at least assign a new, single press command preferably with a button closest to the mouse. The default 2 button command is too much of a hassle for something you need to do quickly and frequently. Ideally I'd like to be able to assign right click
  2. Got it! Great to see a quick the response, that's customer service!
  3. Thanks for the explanation. So will there be any changes to this? ATM I find the throttle too slow and I'd prefer to have a quick, linear ramp response like the other planes.
  4. Not sure if this is the right section, feel free to move if it isn't. I don't use a throttle for DCS and I control the in game throttle with buttons. I noticed with the JF17, using buttons the throttle is VERY slow to ramp up and down, until you get to the afterburner detent, where afterwards it ramps at a good speed. Sometimes it takes almost 9 seconds to go from 0-100% throttle and vice versa. I don't think this is very ideal when with all the other planes, the throttle ramps up and down much faster. Is this treated as an issue? Thanks.
  5. Just downloaded this mod and I gotta say it's SO MUCH BETTER than the original. The original cockpit afterburner sound was just so drastically, crazy loud it overpowers every other sound once it's on, and that alone put me off flying the mig21. The modded sound has got it right imo, grunty and just the right volume. Where the volume's been turned up in the mod is the exterior but hey, that's exactly what afterburners sound like IRL. Thanks for the mod!
  6. My game is stuttering now after the latest update. Using fraps fps is showing about 30-50fps, but feels like 5-10fps. Never had this issue before. Running the open beta version.
  7. I have no doubt the flight model is tuned to match the performance and characteristics figures of the real plane as close as possible. I appreciate the work that goes into that. What I said before was based purely on feel, and that's a subjective area since it's hard to quantify in figures. So I'm definitely not saying that something's right or wrong (I can't judge since I've never flown the real thing of course), but these are just some general observations I made based on my opinion: - The plane flies very stable, almost like it's guided or fly by wire. There's not much sway in flight, an
  8. That's how I feel too. The way the plane handles is very arcadey. After a high AoA manoeuvre the plane always snaps itself back without me having to do anything (hard to spin or stall - plane corrects itself really quickly). The plane seems to react too much too quickly to stick inputs, to feel realistic (not much feel of weight?). After a certain speed is reached the cockpit camera starts shaking to indicate max speed I suppose, but there's no visual vibrating/flexing with the wings, they're stiff as a rock. Overall the flight model just doesn't really feel believable - kinda feels like t
  9. Another thing is there's no flames inside the engine nozzle, it's all black inside like the afterburner's not on. Wish they'd fix this and make it look something like the f14 or f18's afterburners.
  10. I just got the F16, and noticed a few visual things (that I noticed was not in the already known bugs list or features to be added): - There are pylons showing under the wings when I had chosen to remove all pylons in the loadout. They were floating just under and not touching the wings - I noticed that with the afterburner on, while flames are showing outside the engine nozzle there's no flames inside the nozzle. It's black in there like the afterburner's not on. Unlike other modules like the Mig 21 and particularly the F 14, which I think they did a brilliant job with the afterburner v
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