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  1. I have a HOTAS Warthog and I use the "High-Pressure Fuel Valve Off/Idle" bound to throttle off. The one you have to lift the throttle to closed position to activate. That button is inverted. Press to Off and release to Idle. Do you really need two buttons? If you only use one and choose On/Off (Toggle)? It was (throttle to idle) that was for one button, toggle was for a switch that stays in on or off position. Then it is first press to Idle and second press to off. So now I have tested all variants of High-pressure Fuel Valve Off/Idle = For HOTAS throttle cl
  2. After watching the F-18 take off from the carrier and the voice briefing is over you end the mission and just start the next one from the campaign menu like normal. Then the flyable mission 1 will start. Edit: sorry, didn´t realise you had answered your own question.
  3. I have now flown this mission a couple of times and think it need some more TLC to work. /illern
  4. This aircraft will be a pain in the neck when flying in VR with all the low and back panels. You will have to break the neck and the back I think to see and interact with a lot of switches, specially those on the left side.
  5. Hi! Have been trying to fly the single mission "Atlantic Wall Raid - Bomber Escort" but it is not possible to fly due to some criticial mission bugs. The mission fails from the start and is not able to start correctly. The first flight "Red flight" is supposed to start and takeoff immidiately on mission start. This is what triggers the rest of the mission. But the do not move an inch from their parking slot. I have found the issue with this. It is all the tire flags that mark the path to the runway and also the wind flag next to the tires. Thay are in the taxi
  6. I often has my AI viggen crash in the campain and from what I can see they are hitting trees when flying over ridges.
  7. What happens is when the F5 extends the nosewheel strut it won´t raise the aircraft but instead the nosewheel gets buried in the tarmac and then he is not able to steer anymore.
  8. I don´t know if this is the same issue. The iranian strike group did shot first. After that I told Knight "Tiger" and got sent for a new group that was inbound. I had trouble finding that group and when I eventually did they were just cruising along to the east inside iranian airspace. 2 F14. I went after them and shot them down with my gun. The didn´t even flinch. Just continued to cruise along although they were attacked. All communication ceased after knight sent me towards them. No F10 menu either. Went home and landed on carrier and got result 50. /illern
  9. That´s how it´s supposed to work. Like any other DCS module. Communication menu is only for ground if you don´t have Easy communications on. In air you need to use correct radio PTT button. Ralt + \ for P-47 I think.
  10. Noticed the same today when flying the mission "Top cover". At the time the B-17 are at the target my oxygen ran out. I had the oxygen regulator in Normal mode.
  11. Well I have sound and that error is in both log files. Both the one when closing DCS is working and the one where it is crashing when closing. As I described above, I have done cleanup and repair. The game is working for me, it´s just the crash when I exit the game and filling upp my savegame folder with crash and dmp files. About the sound, I haven´t noticed that earlier. But in Audio tab in settings I only have Default listed in all sound and recording devices. But the sound is coming where I want it. Checked some old logs and in 2018 with my old computer it was the same: 201
  12. I have looked into this and tried to find whats causing the crash. I can reproduce the crash. For this tests I have set --force_disable_VR to just get the dcs window. But I normally use VR and it crashes with that setting also. Steps I have done: Renamed save game folder so it wants to create a new one. Repaired and removed files with DCS repair function. The only time it shuts down without a crash is when there is no options.lua file.(or if the file is empty) The next time dcs shuts down it will crash if the new options.lua it created the start before is present. I have
  13. In Mission 13 there is a chinook to the left of the F-86 that taxi to rwy 06. P-51 (Relic 2) taxis behind him all the way to the rwy. As soon as the chinook enters the runway the P-51 also does the same thing. The P-51 goes through the chinook and shreds him to pieces with his mighty 4 blade propeller and they end up in a fireball. Changed the mission so that the P-51 started 2 minutes later to let the chinook takeoff and all was fine. DSC v2.5.5.41371 beta Campaign v2.8 -c- Playing as the F-86 /illern
  14. The fuel tanks are not empty after ground crew acknowledge the refuel. It´s just the in cockpit instrument not showing the levels until you have started up the AC and get some generators going. If you look at refuel dialog after the refuel you will see that you have 100% edit: Also since you can hear the fuel going in you can wait for a short while and then start APU and engines while the crew is completing the refuel. /illern
  15. The clock works for me at least. Minutes and hours. The seconds are actually a stopwatch that you can control. /illern
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