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  1. It seems with latest update i cannot join servers in MP. It says "pure client is required" even when directly launching DCS and trying to connect
  2. It seems it has been adjusted. Detecting a Mig29A at High PRF at around 72nm now :). F16 around 70 nm...
  3. No mention of F15 adjusted radar range.... I will need to test it
  4. I'm really hoping for 3 items: Increased F15 radar range Improved INS and seeker logic in AMRAAMs F16 items (also the reduction of radar range, it was time...) @bignewy can you confirm any of those?
  5. After the F16 radar has been worked on, results will be a bit better. There are from my PoV 2 major things going against the F18 and favouring the F16: Detection range of the F16 is wrong, after the rework an F18 vs F16 should see each other at a similar distance, with a little advantage if any for the hornet pilot Currently the F16 radar in DCS does not suffer any degradation caused by jammers. It should be the case that in the future, the reduced detection range of the F16 gets a bit more exacerbated by the use of jamming by the hornet. With those 2 points in mind, you are basically degrading really long +40nm amramm shots in the viper, to around 25nm ish while giving yourself a bit of room for a first shot. As a side note, hopefully with an increase in radar range of the F15 after the patch, this plane would regain his throne as the best BVR fighter in DCS only hindered by the lack of Link16 and JHMCS.
  6. Guys, you are missing the point GGTharos was making before. Manpads are really, really dangerous against ANY fighter, even a high performant one. This is due to a compilation of several reasons: They are really difficult to spot, in fact they could be launched just after you overfly one, so they can be virtually invisible to the receiver, requiring wingman visual support. They are shot from very close range/altitude and they are FAST ( ). You cannot make a proper missile defense, as normally you are just 2 seconds away from an impact. At those altitude, normally you may not be as fast as you would like to, or you just made a gun or bomb run and you maybe low of speed. Modern Manpads have very good CM resistance. So, can you evade a manpads by a coordinated maneuver? Well...Yes, you can perfectly do it in DCS, you just need to be aware of where it is, be prepared, and have enough speed to orthonal roll or split-S the missile, which is normally the best methods. But in reality, both IRL and also totally applicable to DCS you should consider the following: You just dont enter a manpad WEZ...ever. If there are manpads in the area, Gun or bomb runs are made at 14.000-16.000 feets, not lower, and always with preventive flares and no AB If you enter is only because you don't know it was there and because is just part of your low alt ingressing route (imagine a Viggen, tornado, F111...), in which case you should be going really fast giving you evading options You always hit a target and replan a new attack, you just don't get flying around, slow and low in a manpads infected area, its a recipe for disaster.
  7. Well, In DCS they stand stupidly still with the manpads even after firing it (even when they can't reload anymore). Also you have superzoom. In RL, a person with a manpad can look like a civilian or even a sheperd with his flock, and 5 secons later, just when you take your eyes off him, he/she take the manpadas hidden under a blanket of behind one of his sheep and shoots you in the face. So as a compromise with RL, I would always treat any soldier as a potential manpad carrier until better animations and IA of enemy infantry is achieved some years from now. For me the better improvement would be for manpads soldier to not stay still, dropping the manpads after shooting, take cover, take his weapon... basically behave like a real soldier....
  8. We should be getting dual r77 missile launchers and stealth autoguided smart bombs. Also we'll have the new container that drops a swarm of drones and automatically kills all the enemies in a 200nm x 200nm killing box. All is normal mi-24P hind weapon loadout as per 1970s and onwards Everything is coming in 2 weeks... Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  9. I would recomend Virpil instead of monstertech. Same quality if not more for less than half the price.
  10. Well Fox is generic, you have Fox 1, fox 2 and fox 3 depending if Sarh, IR, or active is shot. Do you mean that fox without number is a Fox 1? I was not aware of that. Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  11. I would recommend to take a look a Chuck's F14 Guide. Its an amazing manual to quickly learn to operate and fight in the Tomcat and updated constantly as new features are incorporated. https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-f-14b-tomcat/
  12. Just a note. The first video with the MIG25 shot down its a sidewinder not a sparrow, you can tell by the growling sound of the Aim9 as well as the request to his flight go out of burners seconds before.
  13. Have you seen the latest teaser? Kind of looks like some improvements are there... Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  14. Yeah they sure don't want. They like to develop products for the customers that drive them crazy. [emoji19] (Sarcasm off) Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  15. I can think of plenty of situatios, for example when the US/NATO force engages non really peer to peer threat aircrafts in low intensity conflicts, eg: a su22 fitter in Syria, a su25 in whichever next conflict is coming... Also in a real world like we are in, you just don't throw Amraam inventories to the dump, you just try to load them until possible if you deem the possible threat is "low/medium risk", which is perfectly fine Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  16. Actually the use of meteor and amraam in a same aircraft does make sense from a tactical/logistic PoV, using the more expensive meteor for long range shots when the Roe allows it at maximum distance or if the target is extending/cold, while the more common and available Amraam is a perfect fit in closer (although not so close either) engagements. Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  17. A bit off topic here but, is there any plan to develop any simulation base around ramjet powered missiles? I'm wondering how such an innovative design will be implemented in case the meteor finally turns out a reality in DCS world. Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  18. Who said that? I very much doubt there is a Czich coefficient giving % more range /agility to the amraam just because he posted his personal opinion. So far ED has always being data/document driven when making any developments and I hope it will stay always like that. Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  19. It's not a surprise to me that the Amraam is probably the best missile in the world, at least for the last 20 years, considering that the US Air force, the biggest AF and biggest expending in R+D and weapons purchasing in the world (by a great margin) has considered the amraam up to the task for many years and not only that but also has constantly evolved it over time to be even more deadlier. On the other side, missiles like the R77, Pl15, etc, are quite new, with little iterations and no combat record to test the effectiveness and iterate the design (flaws, design limitations or whatever aspect that needs improvements...) . Sometimes things are as simple as "who invest the most in something gets the better weapon". Given of course similar engineering capabilities and skills in all sides. Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  20. Well of course a track or video would be helpful to See if it is in fact a bug that needs to be worked on. Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  21. I think this is a well modeled limitation of TGPs when in Point or Area track as this modes relies on algorithms to track an object or areas of the ground. In these cases high G or just masking the target for a second can cause a tracking problem. This is solved by using INS mode that use coordinates. If I recall correctly Wags posted a video about this although I think it was using the Viper (same Litening pod, same limitations) I'm other modules like the Jf17 IIRC the pod automatically enters INS mode when any masking or high G maneuver occurs. Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  22. Just a note, you mentioned missing targets by 10 meters, I think that is a normal CEP for JDAMs when using GPS. https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/104572/joint-direct-attack-munition-gbu-313238/ And regarding TPOD use, and although not realistic in DCS you get perfect coordinates from the TPOD at 35ish NM from a target, although I agree that does not answer your use case. Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  23. I just went from a i7 8700k OC to 4.2ghz to a i5 5600x. Very little improvement in VR if any. My graphic card is a 1080ti so that's definetely a bottleneck with the reverb G2. At least now I'm consuming less Watts :) Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  24. Bignewy, its different if we are talking about a reduction in range versus talking about inability to detect at all. Haven't tested myself so I can't confirm. @Jackdraw no need to be rude, i don't think there was any sarcasm in the response.
  25. I also experience this bug sporadically on SAM missile launches. Nvidia user here (1080 ti) Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
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