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  1. I think you need to type them manually as of now. Although quite easy as they are shown in the TGP, so no need to take a pencil and a notebook.
  2. Never experienced this behavior myself (not saying this is not a rare bug for someone). I was playing for several hours last week with the hornet. So far I can see and have always being able to see everything as intended. Things that might get to do with this based on my experience with the hornet, just in case it is helpful for someone: People not working the elevation properly, a good tip is to assess the top and lower numbers in the TDC when the TDC is at the expected target distance (otherwise you might think your target is inside the radar cone when actually it is not,
  3. Hello, I would like to request ED, while a major rework is carried out to improve Air Defences system AI logic, some little scripting that would make things more realistic and fun, some from the top of my mind, please complement (they should be easy to code): For SAM without anti missile cappability (eg. SA2, SA3...) when a Harm launch is detected, it would be nice to turn off the radar in order to negate a direct hit. The logic could be when a launch is detected close enough to see the smoke plume of the harm, its not necessary they do that 100% of the time. F
  4. Well, the short answer would be yes, and I hope that at some point in future they will revisit all ecm implementations. But it's also worth mentioning that ECM implementation in A2A combat is somewhat neligible. Right now it only helps denying very long lofted Fox3, since if i`m not wrong HoJ shots will follow a direct path instead of lofting. Basically inside 25 nm ish you should always turn your ecm off despite which aircraft you are flying, or you will have a decoy asking for a silent missile (i'm looking at you Aim7)
  5. Is this even possible?
  6. Good question, I'm curious to know how it is implemented in DCS.
  7. Because is of paramount importance to pin and detect bugs. Its not a good tool for replays and analysis of what happened though, as people expect it to be. For that its better to use Tacview.
  8. All this updates are very much appreciated. I will buy Razbam modules in the futures given the support they are showing, even if some things still needs tuning after some years.
  9. Not with full simulation of grass deforestation and new imporved sounds, similar to the BRRRRRRRRTTTT of the A10 but with MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH when you are close Cause that is coming right? #donotbrakemyheart
  10. Its weird. For me SA15 have always shot down Maverick and Harms since always. The only thing they will not shot down is Harms shot very close, just outside of the range where it start shooting at you. I don't why but I guess this is because from that distance the Harm engine is still burning and the missile comes in very very fast giving very short notice.
  11. This is correct. The A2G radar is/should not able to generate coordinates precise enough to hit a small vehicle or object with a JDAM. Probably you could hit a warehouse or big factory though.
  12. According to 2021 and beyond we will finally have cows. I think we are good.
  13. +3 Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  14. Not tried but i can think of a different way. 1-Detect the target and track it throught GMT 2-Bring up FLIR 3-Designate and create a markpoint 4-Now you can silence the radar and use the markpoint to slave the flir to it, it should be easy to find the target from the markpoint.
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