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  1. What is the final effect of this? can you show me?
  2. 'super hornet' has no way to work, it can only be placed under Mods/aircrafts/FA18, let the entry.lua of FA18 to execute the script of'super hornet'
  3. At present, the only engine data I know is table_ data,{Mach number, thrust without afterburner, thrust with afterburner}
  4. I am also working on the fa-37 Talon based on the fa-18c. However, recently, I am worried about the collision detection of the landing gear at some positions of the aircraft carrier. I often fall directly into the gap between the spoiler and the deck behind the take-off position
  5. This is very good, I will download it to experience, but is it really suitable for F22 to become a carrier based aircraft?
  6. Oh, I forgot to say, my DCs version is 2.5.3
  7. How can I get the serial number? DCS downloaded from the official website asked me to provide the serial number
  8. oh shit!where is steam going to see the serial number?I don't see the serial number on my website,i blocked the serial number in mainland China, maybe the mainland of China steam.
  9. I want the surface to surface guided missile to achieve this effect. The Tomahawk missile used now is only exploring the possibility of targeting the ground target. In the future, I will replace it with other surface to ground guided missiles
  10. I added a Tomahawk missile to a ground unit, but it can only lock ships, and cannot lock non-ship units, no matter how close it is. Air units can also be locked, limited to hovering and tarmac aircraft, moving units can also be locked, but the missile flies towards the locked position. Can the current CA lock vehicles and static objects, just like the main gun of a tank locks any unit?
  11. Civil vehicles can light the road with lights, but tanks can't light the road. It's still dark under the lights.Maybe I should refer to the lights on the destroyer's apron?
  12. But the new A-10C cabin diffuse texture is encrypted, and Photoshop cannot open it normally
  13. I made a nuclear missile. After the nuclear bomb was launched, I only saw the missile tail flame and missile smoke. The model and label were not displayed. It was not even in the F6's missile perspective. local NukeMissile = { category = CAT_MISSILES, name = "NukeMissile", wsTypeOfWeapon = {wsType_Weapon,wsType_Missile,wsType_SS_Missile,WSTYPE_PLACEHOLDER}; Escort = 0, Head_Type = 5, sigma = {20, 20, 20}, M = 5860.0, H_max = 200000.0, H_min = -1, Diam = 5000.0, Cx_pil = 1, D_max = 460000.0, D_min = 3000.0, -- D_max = 0.0, -- D_min = 0.0, Head_Form = 1, Life_Time = 7200.0, Nr_max = 17, v_
  14. I made a new weapon that consists of a composite pylon and multiple missiles, but I don't want this weapon to be abandoned by the carrier. That is, you can't throw away by pressing Ctrl + W, just like ECM and pods cannot be thrown away by the carrier. What should I do?
  15. I exported the EDM with my own model and added it to DCS (add_aircraft (H_6K)). But in the game, the AI has been taxiing left and right on the straight taxiway, just like the AI has been trying to control the plane's course parallel to the taxiway. May I ask how is this going? How can I solve this problem?
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