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  1. Picked one of these up but sold my throttle before getting around to installing it. Still new in package. Paid $77 shipped, asking $70 (net to me) shipped. SOLD
  2. No sorry, I haven't played with NVIDIA SLI since GTX970 cards. Even then when it worked it was hardly worth the cost and the effort
  3. @markturner1960 Thanks for your opinion. You know what they say about opinions.......
  4. The Discord quote was a little more slimey than you posted Tonylin409Today at 12:00 AM Folks. Our panel stock is running low. We expect it to be completely gone in next 24 to 36 hours (We haven`t even start the sales in main land China yet) For the customer who are still watching, now is the the time. For sure we gonna restock it. but pricing wise...might not be the same. Jack the price the first week is a pretty Douchebag move if they do it
  5. Metal. Just got my Taurus today. Coming from a Warthog throttle. Longer throw and overall feel much better. Pretty heavy too. Sitting on the floor right now and not moving around
  6. jskibo


    one week from order to throttle at my door
  7. I have 3 of the Optoma GT1080 Darbee Projectors. Two have been used for the past 9 months and is new in sealed box. Would look for $XXX (net to me) for three + whatever shipping is (three boxes to ship). I have the original boxes / Cases for the two used as well. Not interested in separating at this time SOLD
  8. Since the PJs are being sold, no further need for this. AVENGER 180 - ICARUS https://www.simpit.co.nz/simpit/avenger-180-icarus/?v=6159ea64725a It's about $1000 plus shipping from New Zealand new. I'll sell for $250 but there's no way to ship it, so pickup only (Florence, KY near Cincinnati Airport (KCVG)) Simpits PJ mounts suck so I upgraded with some metal mounts on their plates. I ran it with both BenQ and Optoma short throws
  9. jskibo


    It will take a bit of patience once shipped. FedEx has had mine since Tuesday and it has this morning made it as far as Japan :music_whistling:
  10. Try @Tonylin409#6372 in discord. He seems to rep them for US
  11. jskibo


    You're checking your order detail page right? They didn't send any shipping but I saw the FedEx number pop up the day after I ordered. I had worn out the F5 key by then :) Edit About 12 hours later I get a FedEx email from my Delivery Manager account
  12. Directionally they are fine (or at least within my 2 deadzone) The Right brake goes whacky and starts bouncing 20-30% with no press after awhile. Re-Cal sets it fine for a few weeks. Odd issue but not a dealbreaker.
  13. Interesting article and thanks for taking the time to write it up. I have a set of SLAWs old 109 pedals and like all his stuff they are beefy. He seemed to have changed controller boards over time. Originally mine had an issue with older games (WOFF and WOTR wouldn't recognize the controller in them). He did a firmware change but that ended up with occasional toe brake issues. I have been considering just dumping his card for a Bodnar card but I haven't been using them. I will grab a set of his F16 design if he gets them released (said he's waiting on a casting for the foot pieces bu
  14. jskibo


    Got shipping two days ago but it sat for two days waiting for export clearance. It hit Shanghai today and now waiting a flight outbound. Will be a long weekend!
  15. He's on the HOTAS Discord channel and saying soon
  16. Hope they add the Deck Boss yelling at everyone on the 5MC
  17. jskibo


    I grabbed one at 5am EDT, but looks like OOS again
  18. I'll be all in on the Intruder! Almost miss fixing them......... Just need a CV-63 to go with them and it will feel like home
  19. CG-1 VF-111 Just seemed like a good fit for structure and personality. And if A-6 ever comes along they will add and I will switch to my old plane :)
  20. You are welcome. The old glass makes for excellent sleds for kids, just drill two holes and add a rope. EA-6Bs were worse and they had an inner plate to remove to get to the nuts (Rivnuts). More work. But the gold inlaid glass made for great motorcycle windscreens after a few cuts :)
  21. Former Intruder (AIMD) mech here. I've replaced lots of that glass at Whidbey years ago an don't recall any height difference from left to right glass (and I sat on top quite a lot of them in the fixture drilling all of them damn holes).
  22. Thanks for the PMs. I have joined up with VF111
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