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  1. Hoss, Which Boeing site? I started at McDonnell-Douglas in STL (ILS on Super Hornet and Harpoon SLAM, Retrofit Engineering on Hornet / SuperHornet), then off to Wichita (C40 / 767 Tanker), Philly (FCS), Oklahoma City (Ran Saudi MX AWACS, F15) and Finally Long Beach (C17 GSP). Left in 2010 and been with GE since. Former Navy Airframer (NAS Whidbey / USS Kitty Hawk AIMD / SEAOPDET). CMEL / CSEL / ASES but don't really fly IRL anymore Same situation as the others, 55 and trying to get slightly better than the average QF4 drone. Partial to the Hornet but have most of the modules and theaters, though as soon as the flyable A6 drops I will be all over it. Hope to find a group I can fly with that can help with training. Still working on my pit which seems to change every month......
  2. My Kitty Hawk is being towed to Brownsville, would love to see that in the game
  3. Thanks for the Reverb deal and quick shipping
  4. Its actually no different than you get by swapping the facemask on either model, the V2 just lets you do it without going printed or aftermarket.
  5. Its an old Obutto seat, but switching to a BMW 3 series sport seat shortly. Height is just determined by the height of the frame, I have the T slot frame about 12" off the floor, but it can really be any height you build it to.
  6. Can’t speak for MOD reasoning and I’m a bit biased by who I work for. I do have other customers in the MENA region flying the RTM on NH90 aircraft that want the engines replaced for MX / Reliability/ cost reasons. NH90 has two engine options the other being CT7 (commercial version of T700)
  7. UK Echo models dump the RTM engine for T700-701Ds.
  8. Have old Slaw BF109s, new Slaw Viper V2s and MFG crosswinds. wife just shakes her head much like I do when she comes home with a new $180 hair color
  9. Nice, I was all in until you said $650 whats your price without the stand as I would have to remove that and throw it back in the box for pit mounting?
  10. Over on HOATS Discord channel there's a guy that just got these in the Cubesim discussion. Goes buy SLAP, he got tired of waiting on cubesims Cheaper from the source without paying his ebay markup https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002817844172.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5d294c4dHdq3rf
  11. Yes that's pretty much the same one. Slightly different splitter but should work fine.
  12. FYI running the cubesims on a Sabrent 16 port powered USB 3.0 hub with 14 ports filled. No issues.
  13. I have MFG V2 with damper and combat pedal mods as well as an original BF109 Slaw pedals and his latest Viper V2 pedals. I really prefer the Slaw Vipers over all the rest.
  14. Got the cubesim MFDs connected. Need to get the F/A-18 UFC so I can swap between F16, A10 and F/A-18
  15. Yes confirm it’s usb and power required. I did not use his power supplies. Had a 5amp and splitter to power all three from one plug. He provides 2amp large head power supplies. His usb cables are flaky. One works great, one cuts in and out if moved around a lot. One just cuts in and out constantly. Bought new 90 degree ones to replace the ones he provided.
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