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  1. When i start a mission, i take off in the back seat. I engage 4 AP. level off on my approach. when i switch to front seat.. back seat AI, slams the collective down, then slowly pulls it up, then down, then up. it doesnt stop. constant bobbing. I cant find out what its compensating for. Is there a way to make the platform stable, for proper ATGM use?
  2. sometimes i can fly mission and see my wingman on my tads sometimes i start a mission, and they arent there.
  3. I Love Manual... *break in voice* I Love Manual..
  4. ATGM camera wildly misaligned? Battle Damage, Bug, AI conflict? - DCS: Mi-24P Hind - ED Forums (eagle.ru) Is this what happened to your ATGM?
  5. The camera is tilted at 45 degrees. The Chopper is upright. Full left camera, starts at 30 degrees RIGHT. The Camera Cone doesnt seem right. The slew and scroll is funky, doesnt go where i want it. Didnt want to slew downward. In these images you can see the rock formation. This means the Camera field of view is somewhere centered around 90 degrees, and potato shaped? Anyone?
  6. I see it now. There is an entirely different key set, not related to SIM binds. Thanks Man! This is perfect. Hey, do you know any good cheat sheets with all the AI commands on it?
  7. I play with a cheap joystick and rely on Key Modifiers. I want to use my HOTAS to control Petrovich. Example: Hold Left Control, long hold up on joystick hat. Instead of pressing W on my keyboard. My hand never leaves the keyboard and stick. Having to mouse things around, or change my hand position, defeats purpose of HOTAS (HOKAS as i call it) Am i missing something?
  8. UNfortunately, my Harriers Screens were blackened too. So its not start-up or random failures. Its DCS software. Something changed by the APP or something i did removing it.
  9. @ihopi Okay i have new issue. I try deleting DCSdeviceserver.exe. Restart. Program loads. Finishes Checklist. Program closes. No Error Pop-up. Now, DCS A10c Display are missing (even with DCSdeviceserver off)
  10. I downloaded IHOPI's Display Export App. Its a server executable, and an APP that goes on your ipad/tablet/phone/etc. It worked fine for a few days. I could use my A10c2's CDU on my tablet. (also TADs and the Lightning Pod... pretty cool) Today, The Server Program.. loads, completes its checklist, then just shuts off. Disappears. No error pop-up. Nothing. In Game.. the A10's Displays are blank. All the switches are on. Nothings displayed. Ive reached out to his channel here. Is there anything i can do, to reset my game? Reset MFD exporting? Any Ideas, where to look and do? Thanks (picture: Missing Display Data. 2nd screen (blank) where the data is exported from)
  11. DCSDeviceServer is crashing. I boot program, status screen starts, then taskbar icon disappear. any bug cause this? It works before. Work great. Like the software.
  12. First off.. The F16c came-out bare bones and now is quite respectable. It went from broke to smoke in 6 months. Same with the Harrier. I have a hard time seeing the F16 as having a poor release. All while the focus was the Hornet. We are expecting the Hind, and the last few days the boys have been releasing alot of Apache news, someone said Steam was looking at a some sale around the 16th. Id imagine they are full bore on the Apache now, and waiting for a particular date for the Hind. I hate to say "Two Weeks", but if the Steam date is correct, and last day of q2 is the 30th. The smart bet is somewhere within about 2 weeks. We give ED, and the other developers alot of shit about slow development and broken products.. but their changelogs suggest otherwise. Ill be in the Mi24 by July and if they start the Apache pre-order, a good bet would be the Winter or Autumn sale.
  13. I cannot get AI Warthogs to join a group. Ive tried switching crafts and manually inputting a group and id, when switch planes, it must zero out the TADs. I want to load Fast Missions, with AI wingmen, and see them (and their alititude) in the TADs, see their SPIs, see their TGP. I can get AI wingmen to attack my SPI, beyond that i dont benefit from them.
  14. Im fairly sure it does. You can put a JDAM inbetween a group of Gaz trucks, and they will catch fire. You dont have to make contact. Same with the 300pounder MAVs. Id like to see some shotgun pattern splash visual effects. The rockets themselves, just aint accurate or powerful.
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