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    i am currently accepting DCS gift cards and will happily take any of those irritating Tomcats, Hueys, Falcons and Viggens and MiGs cluttering up yo
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  1. Id like to start one of the Black Shark Campaigns. Some are pretty old at this point, so i wanted to know which can be completed, and which of those you guys like the most. is Georgia Oil War, the same as Oil War #1, #2 and #3? Is Republic still working? Deployment and Medvedev? Thanks, Bart
  2. nice! ive only run the Mirage, it was mighty fun. I think ill start the Ka50 or A10c-II next
  3. BIG NEWY! Yoooou Sexy Beast! I knew i could count on you. Rudel, you were right on the money with Steam though! Did you have your eye on any of the modules?
  4. Oh im always checking the newsletters too, lol. If you see someone outside your office in the bushes.. its probably me. No worries.
  5. Makes sense. Although, There always seems to be a problem with Steam and the sales compared to outside their influence. Not sure using thats a good idea. But if you are correct thats only 9 days!
  6. Thats a Thursday. Last year it was the second week of Oct, the 19th i think. That was a Friday for us, or a Saturday on the other Hemisphere. Any reason you think the 29th is important? It COULD happen in 20 minutes. I mean, if it was to happen today it would be in 20 minutes.. i think my blood pressure just shot up lol. I already have buyers remorse!
  7. Ive been setting my alarm, for Greenwich Mean Time, Moscow Time.. ive been averaging the past dates for the Autumn Sale, and the days of the week they fell on.. and have been repeatedly checking the website for the start of the Fall Sale. Needless to say im having a little buyers freak-out, a slight conniption fit. I know you guys at ED just forgot to start the sale on Monday, so i wanted to remind you Greenwich Mean Time rolls over in 39 minutes.. (and 20 seconds as i write this). So if you guys will just go ahead and press that big button on your desk that says "Start Autumn Sale" that
  8. Also, anyone reading this. We have to be honest about the Hind. The model we are getting has the side slung gun (this disappointed me, the turret was one of the reasons i wanted the hind. I dont like the BLack Sharks rifle, thats what we are getting in the Hind). The Hind was heavy and its stores are going to be the same as the Helos we already know. It going to Fight like the Black Shark and fly like the Mighty 8. A nice mixture of both. I think what you learn in the Hip is going to greatly influence your time in the Hind. Especially engine management and super heavy loads. Thank good
  9. The Mi8 is my favorite to fly. Its Chunky, its demands and commands respect. Its Hard, probably the hardest module to fly. But it feels good. It flies well. Its very immersive and the sling-loading has made me appreciate DCS on a whole new level. I consider it in my top 4 modules. 1 Warthog 2 Harrier 3 and either the Mirage or the Mighty 8. Its vortex ring effect is horrible, its generators are fidgety, its fire suppression is weak, and its not as nimble as the other copters. But it flies like a cadillac in racing slicks. Funny enough, i HATED the Black Shark. Ive bad mouth the Ka
  10. FLY THE HIP.. Shes Fat.. like a Fat Race Car.. with lots of switches to fiddle with. all the other helicopters, you guys bought for an image or an intention. if you want the helo experience. get the HIP
  11. Its the most capable plane in DCS. It out flies the f16, fa18, f14, f5, mig21, fulcrum and flanker. those planes have to press exploits to gain an advantage against the Mirage. the Mirage can easily counter its own disadvantages. Its the best dogfighter. If you havent noticed by now alot of the DCS community complain about dogfighting calling it "Air-Quake".. Personally i find this hilarious since the alternative is starting your fights at 10,000, facing each other, at 60 nm. This is called "Cheese-Dick Air-Quake". Starting a flight with complete tactical awareness outside of you
  12. Chaff set to 999 has the same result
  13. Once you "Get it" its a little like riding a bike. It just clicks. Man, i started in the Warthog. And it frustrated me damn near to crying. Grown man crying. (yall think im joking) Once i got it. I understood i had to make stick movements before i needed them. I could get to the boom everysingle time. never again did i chase the boom. After practicing that, i finally "got it" in regard to the throttle. (i use the airbrakes in the a10). Now it still, makes your palms sweat, but you know how to nail it. I can over shoot the tanker now in the Harrier, and flip around, bleed off enou
  14. Crash to Desktop Bug Report for the A10c Warthog CMS system. I was playing around with manual CMS loadouts. Pushing the selections to their max and mins to see what would happen. CMS system set to Manual. Flare Flare # set to 999 (000 to 999. not 999 individual clicks. *see below) Interval # set to 0.25 Number of Cycles set to 1 Triggering this program Freezes the game. Permanently. If you leave the window, you cannot reopen. *** EDIT *** More Weird behavior. CMS programs deleted. Interval at 000. (not previously possible to make 0 interval timing) Once i take flares
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