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  1. No radio Godric,same problem with me,(when I use voice attack,) have you fixed your's ? of course the latest update has really stuffed things up so I cant fix it untill VA or Vaicom pro get fixed but I would like to know where your fix was.
  2. Tower reply Mr Hollywood,can I jump in here with a problem of my own,i have Vaicom Pro installed and i have the HP reverb with the speakers taken off and earbud headphone and mic plugged into it and it works fine,but i call up the tower for inbound and instead of the reply coming through my headphone it comes through my realtec speakers but when I approach the airfield and the tower calls me to contact tower for landing, that call comes through my headphones.Some where along the line I have flicked the wrong switch but I just cant work it out....by the way vaicom is great.
  3. Thank you all for the help,exactly what I needed to no.
  4. what I would like to know is if I buy wireless earbuds for the reverb do they have to have a mic or will the mic on the reverb still work in conjunction with the earbuds ?
  5. does the on board mic work with with wireless ?
  6. off subject but a quick question do blue tooth earbuds work with the reverb ?
  7. I'm waiting for HTC Cosmos I think it could be a good one for the 1080ti.
  8. $k vs 1080p Very interesting video but to take it a step further I would really like to see a comparison with a 1080ti on a 1080p with highest settings vs 4k .I am curious because the step isn't just the cost of the video card but also a 4k tv and I think a 1080ti on a 1080p could be well worth it. What are your thoughts on this CHPL .
  9. Condolences to friends and family
  10. MCG Pro mouse control Has anyone programmed the gate cont button to mouse control and if so can you please give a guide as to how you did it. Thanks in advance
  11. stable curser try this ,,make a button on your mouse your trackir pause command,this is how it works,,,put curser on area you want to click eg., Jtac coordinates then pause trackir with said mouse button and click away your coordinance no trouble,, when finshed unclick trackir...Works for me.
  12. Wizzo VKB give a choice of 2 programmes to calibrate, what is the advantage of one over the other please.
  13. pausebutton Make a button on your mouse the trackir pause command then it's easy to control the cursor
  14. my fix There are far better people giving advice than I, but sometimes it's worth trying the simple thing first, in my case I spent day's trying everything I could think of and then I went right back to gpu driver 382.33 and bingo fixed sometimes the latest isn't always the best,if you do use an old driver don't forget to stop win win 10 from automatic updating it.
  15. X65f throttle For those with the x65f I got a 50g tube and would have used about 10g and it totally changed my throttle I can honestly say there is no stiction at all,and the resistance is perfect unlike my ch gear which I find is too easy to move.
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