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  1. After the bar set by commanche vs hokum and its original game; the lack of a dynamic campaign is my major gripe with both missions and campaigns ... They, all of them, without exception feel canned.
  2. yes indeed, I would definitely rob a bank because of the F-16, As for DEMAND - all that has to be said is BMS.
  3. memory leaks have always plagued software developers - par for the course really. I'm sure it will be addresses in the same expeditious manner that all such bugs are.
  4. what about pilots who have broken hearts, or stubbed their toes, or just stopped believing in what they fighting for? - the point is it would be better to focus on modelling the mechanical systems. Modelling a human being would be beyond the scope and ability of any developers I know.
  5. Hehehe - yes the amazing all-penetrating titanium piercing air resistance defying machine gun bullet. I hear you.
  6. if u consider that that its possible to see an A10Cc take systems damage and even shot down by the cupola machine gun of a tank then there has got to be issues with damage modelling ...
  7. eyusuf

    Wind gusts

    If only weather was an add on module like aircraft then some brilliant mind could .... start a business selling weather modules ... similar to FSX
  8. ill give DSR another try with 1.5, but its playing havoc with radio menus and message text in 1.2.16 ...
  9. this might be a carry over from 1.2.16 In that version ATC also occasionally first says no then after requesting again says yes ....
  10. thanks. Made sense to me. can nvidias DSR (dynamic super resolution) help with this - I think ill give DSR another try. But before I do whats the officianados take on DSR?
  11. I'm sure severman or whatever lua script is used on multiplayer can be used as an effective gate to block cheaters Having said that is there any way to to edit the LOD or distance at which the model is not drawn any longer in 1.2.16 As things currently stand I can see trees at 7 + clicks (depending on the graphic setting), but bogeys seem to just do a Harry Pottet on me ... every time.
  12. during the so called world war (the real one is still coming) very often initial spotting was a glint or a flash of light, or maybe smoke trails or contrails - but not the actual aircraft. It would be added immersion if the visual modelling for spotting was given the same attention as radar modelling (BVR) Having said that which variable in which file needs to be edited to change the distance at which the model is not drawn anymore? Thanks
  13. I'm still noticing spotting issues in 1.2.16 ... Eg, being unable to spot an F-16 at the merge that is going full afterburner - and that too after pausing the simp and looking for that little sucker in external view. Camouflage is one thing - but some of my experiences are pure si-fi out of harry potter. Not that I'm complaining ... Glad we have a pause button for spotting :-)
  14. shadows are an issue in 1.2.16 as well. In that version if I go from shadows medium to shadows low I see an immediate 15 to 20% improvement. Its a hefty price to pay for shadows when the overall ambience is undiminished, subjectively speaking of course.
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