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  1. you have to unbox the TGT button
  2. I think there is no damage model for Hornet
  3. I have played 4YA PVE server for the whole weekend,and first bug that i found is WPDSG not working, you need some trick to make it works properly, the second bug that i found is the same as you post, I set an Offset for the HARM PB mode,the reference waypoint is the airbase,but when i launch the harm,it fly to the waypoint airbase instead of the Offset mostly.
  4. same issue here,in 4YA server the TPG and weapons designation to the sea or the sky
  5. for the new HOTAS function,is there a HOTAS map like A10C?
  6. you can set MSAA off,because in 4K monitor,the MSAA will be no effect, i have an RTX2070 with 4K monitor, i also can get 60~90 FPS
  7. Hi guys,i unstall the game then re-install it,the problem seems to be sovled. 通过我的 V1955A 上的 Tapatalk发言
  8. So i will try unstall the game,and see if there is an improvement 通过我的 V1955A 上的 Tapatalk发言
  9. Even in Mission editor,when i open the load page,DCS client will stuck for seconds,some of my friend only have gtx1060,he is always crash when open load page in ME 通过我的 V1955A 上的 Tapatalk发言
  10. I just fly a quick mission,which with no clouds,and have 90-110fps in 2.5,but now only 60-70fps 通过我的 V1955A 上的 Tapatalk发言
  11. SADLY I have at least 30% drop in FPS,with no cloud.
  12. Wags has post a new video about harm,so maybe it means we will get updates next week 通过我的 V1955A 上的 Tapatalk发言
  13. is the ray tracing the same with Nvidia‘ RTX series technology?
  14. I know it is not tracked by my rardar,my main question is what is the difference on my FCR, which is tracked by my radar,which is from datalink
  15. I am confused about how to use the radar TWS mode with datalink, i know how to use the radar without datalink,i know the system target,track target,and bug target,and what they look like in FCR, but with datalink on,i can not distinguish which is from datalink,which is tracked by my own radar, when the target became filled box,i read the manual said that repesent onboard radar contact, i press TMS right,but nothing happened, sometime there is a while dot on the target,then the dot disappear,and again TMS right ,nothing happened. with the same mission i delete the AWACS,on my FCR there is white dot(search target),then it became filled box(track target),TMS right ,hollow box(system target),TMS right again,with a circle on target(bugged target),then fire AIM120,everything seems OK. but the datalink make me do not know how to use the TWS mode.
  16. I have just found that Razbam has update a video of AV8B,it has hot Detector in hud,AVB8B and HORNET have the same TGP,so does hornet have the same function?
  17. I have an RTX2070 ,32g RAM and 1TB SSD,still can not get satisfying performance in MP,only 30~50 fps.
  18. Thanks for reply. because mostly the target is in front of me,and i don't know where exactly he is,so i don't use HMD. if the target is below or above me,the WACQ always can not lock it,the is the problem confuse me.
  19. In ACM,if i can spot the target,i know how to use the radar,but in most of situation,even the target is 3 miles or even closer,i still can not see it (I have mention it in another thread,because of my 4K monitor) i can only know that target is around me very close(by datalink),then I switch to ACM,maneuvering,but i have never lock the target. so guys how should i do?
  20. what a pity is that hornet doesn't have triple rack,it can only take 4 MAV,not like viper or warthog can carry 6 mav.
  21. I use an 4K monitor,for a long time that i hardly can visual find the target, in ACM,even the hostile is 3miles or even closer,i still can not see it,today i found if i set it to 1920*1080,it will be much better,does the resolution has influence on the visual distance??
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