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  1. these ships have a very powerful surface to air missles,no matter how many harpoon i shoot,the harpoon is always shooted down by the ship,and also how many harpoon can sink a ship of different size,i always shoot 4 harpon to sink one ship,really inefficient
  2. that would be fun if we can play an FPS and the same time there are planes controlled by a person,not AI. to be honest,DCS have very excellent plane but it's lack of fun,we just throw bombs and fire missles,there is no script like call of duty and battlefield.after all ED is not a giant company like Micrsoft or EA. 95% of my time is on line,not single player, if we can play COD's type game in DCS, it would be perfect
  3. ALSO,this why you feel inaccurate from longer range
  4. JDMA is NOT a very accurate weapon,but in DCS, due to the damage model ,if you can't hit the head of the target,the damage is very limited
  5. yeah i use a button on my stick for brake. does the brake need an axis?
  6. when i land at airport,firstly i use the air brake to reduce the speed,then i use the wheel brake to stop,but i find that when i use the wheel brake, the plane will lost its Steering control,sometimes even drifting,the runway will have tyre tracks,like drive a car without ABS,we all know that car ABS is original from plane.but why does the plane drift when i brake?
  7. how can i subscribe news email from ED website?
  8. today i practice MAV in PRE mode,and try to find targets with TGP,but sometimes ifind that in BHOT and WHOT i can hardly see something,so i always use TV mode,today i come across that TGP totally black or white in BHOT and WHOT mode.
  9. No news today? 通过我的 V1955A 上的 Tapatalk发言
  10. The pos mode for viper really efficient,so really foward to this fuction. 通过我的 V1955A 上的 Tapatalk发言
  11. like the ROLLAND,in RWR there is RO symbol,but the TABL list only have the option of the Soviet Union missles
  12. I have the issue everytime,but sometimes it works fine. but i still have the slew probelm,sometimes i can not slew the TGP or the SLEW speed is very slow,or the mark on HUD is not where the TGP pointint to.the VIPER MAV really made me MAD,but it is the only fighter that can carry 6 MAV and 2 HARM at the same time in MP,i still can not just give it up.
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