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  1. Sounds like a bug if u cant trim the rudders when selected in the options. Unless its a weird controller issue.
  2. You might want to check in with your doctor about that.. Crying over non existent simulation is a bad place to be.
  3. Petrovich sight is centered to the screen not to the HUD, just the way it is at the moment. It would be nice for some adjustment via special tab like the KA-50 HMD.
  4. Thanks for the level headed post, always enjoy reading them. :)
  5. Sounds like your breaking off from the target before you close the sight doors, which then throws out the sight gyros. 'Observe off' before turning/breaking away from the target & you shouldn't have any issues.
  6. Nothings changed. Petrovitch short aft/back closes sight doors.
  7. Some the key bind names have changed. For Co-pilot key bind is "Fire Shturm"
  8. I thought i had the same problem. You need to bind it in the Pilot, Co-pilot & AI drop down Menu's. 3 times all same key.
  9. Surely, Petrovich should be capable of locking up air threats like helos. Come on ED.
  10. I'd check your aim on this one. Btw he did say :
  11. Just my guess but i think it's a compromise between Power/Cost/Need. AFAIK Thermal suppressors do reduce the total power output, no different to a car with Mufflers to reduce noise and emissions but does rob power from the engine as the exhaust is more restricted.
  12. I want a 4 seater. Dont ask why.
  13. Please for the love of logic close this thread! It makes no sense. Why would you NOT want a CCIP solution for rockets and guns???
  14. omg if there's any reference to that cheeseball i wont buy the module
  15. Payload and fuel state?
  16. You can switch seats in single player in the Hind, just not in multi player. The Apache will be no different to the Hind.
  17. Bit OT bit still :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b1LMFihSWs
  18. Personally i don't think LTE is being modeled, its just a "coding error" in the flight model, not necessarily a bug. Just my speculation thats all.
  19. Ever heard the expression, don't look a gift horse in the mouth??
  20. Everyone has there own style which is cool. I use rudder trim too because i use racing pedals as my rudder pedals. My Yaw channel never come off. Have a great day ( or night) Cheers
  21. No problem rayrayblues. I watched the vid. Nice work!! The only thing I'll bring to your attention is that you don't need to turn the Yaw channel off to make turns. When you step on the rudder pedals the Heading hold will be disabled. So to initiate a change in course just apply smooth pressure the the pedals in the direction of the turn, as you straighten up ease off the pedals and Mi-24l have her new course set in the AP.
  22. You are right, the pilot weapon panel Short/Med/Long switch is for the 30mm. The rocket burst switch Short/Med/Long is in the front seat.
  23. Loving the Hind !! Feels like the old school days when Ka-50 was released, for me anyway, just enthused for this complex iconic monster. Thanks ED! I can only imagine the back ground work done to create such a module. Its insane to think about. Much respect
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