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  1. I have to admit i find these threads weird. Hi guys how fast can i drive my car but still be safe? The answer is test is out yourself, YOU are the only one with your rig so set up DCS and try it out! ? yeah? From there you have a base to start asking more specific questions.
  2. Its currently the 4th May here.. 28 - 4 = 24 Mi-24! hmm
  3. Firstly Steam has nothing to do with anything. What is important is the version of DCS your running as suggested above. I don't own the NS430 but it appears you have to buy the actual 3D implementation & not just the NS430 module. Here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/ns430_sa342/
  4. OMG!! Thank you!!! I found a setting called picture overscan, turned this off and now have native 1080 without issues. Legend!!
  5. For what its worth to anyone i managed to fix this my end. My situation, i use a Panasonic LCD TV native 1920x1080 but have to run 1824x1026 to get a full screen. (yeah i know) Easy done through nvidia control panel. I set DCS resolution to 1824x1016 and solves all the jagged edges issue.
  6. ED is modeling a variant of the AH-64 that never employed stingers, so um ah i think it's logical that we won't be getting stingers. Not too hard to figure out. Anyone trying to convince themselves otherwise is wasting there time. The F-15C is capable of A2G but the software was removed from US jets. ED follow suit. KA-50 and the Igla, same story. F-16's with 4x HARM and A-10's with 6x Mav's is a different thing, AFAIK these loadouts are possible but just not realistically loaded.
  7. ahhh might be a touch early to be asking about training missions.
  8. You may have been given the wrong impression. ED are making their own AI for MI-24 & AH-64. Some folks suggested to use Heatblur's Jester but ED are opting to build there own system, which makes much more sense.
  9. I would say it's missing due to amount of complex calculation that would need to be made. Certainly possible in the future since now we have turbulence. I wouldn't expect to see it in the near future though.
  10. Hope so but definitely not initially going by the latest news as there is no mention of either. They could very well do the D but may have to exclude some systems due to "sensitivity". Edit: Just read Vigilate87's post, thats good news
  11. Doesn't look like we'll be getting FCR or RF Hellfires sadly.
  12. I recall a few years ago you were able to eject, land and walk to a UAZ get in and drive around. Not sure if this feature is still functional, i don't think it is.
  13. Thanks for posting, nice vid. What's the dangling wire from the right main gear? I'm guessing its a static line? Hope it's not the wheel brake pressure line
  14. Why put yourself in crap position then complain about it?
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