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  1. Cmon man. You completely missed the point. I don’t even know if you’re married. Point of the exercise is that everyone is entitled to like what and who they want. Simple as that. Feel free to give props to what you enjoy. Keep your criticisms of what others like to yourself. simple....
  2. Gotta be honest. Never understood what you see in your wife.... everyone has there idea of whats cool. . Kind of a generational thing.
  3. Might have a buyer here. Pm me the details/price and we can discuss. nice work
  4. All you have to do to simulate a nuke is turn off your computer and go do something else. Same result unless you’re dying to troll people. Silly idea.
  5. Perhaps a language barrier. Maybe I should translate it to imbecile? Let me try. Duchebagism bad, no touchy private server good, snowflakes bad......
  6. Funny how this community will rally near 100% asserting ED has no rights with private server operations yet continue to assert their right to force ED and its partners on how to operate and moderate this forum. Oh how complex the life of a snowflake must be with all the talk out of both sides of their ass! That said, to the OP, don’t be a duche and you won’t get banned....
  7. Wrong. Quite honestly I packed everything away several months ago and gave up for the medium term as I got fed up with everything changing after every update. Settings, bindings the whole enchilada. NOT saying I don’t appreciate the updates or the process, just moving on until I see in the forums that things have stabilized to an extent I am comfortable with. Until then, no flying no spending. That said, nobody owes me crap! I bought after reading the forums and making my decision knowing full well VR may not be up to what I would like it to be and many components were a WIP.
  8. Dude, it’s your company. Tell him to get lost and get back to running your company. Wtf? 40 bucks and people think they are the majority shareholder! Op stated his case, you explained your methods. The rest is on him. What a waist of bandwidth!
  9. Bro, they have said it 50 freaking times. They are having problems figuring out the problem AND ARE WORKING ON IT!!!!!
  10. It’s a wish list section. Not a demand list section, bug section or an “I can’t allow your opinion because I’m a snowflake”section. Give it a rest already. No matter how correct you are absolutely sure you are, you can’t tell him his wish is wrong. Don’t like his wish? Go suck an egg....
  11. My thoughts are that ED has too much currently on their plate to do the F4 but know it’s a cash cow so they’re not going to give it up. Only reason I can think of that something so iconic isn’t even in near term consideration. Seems bizarre but...
  12. I use Windows 10 with no issues. Dcs seems to run as good as anyone else I have seen with a similar setup. It’s a bit late to draw the privacy line if that’s what your after. Every word you speak on a phone, every word you type in an email, every web page you visit you are being listed to. Hell here in the US, there are now cameras every 5 miles on the interstate system capturing your every movement, at least here in Michigan. They have license plate scanners mounted on overpasses scanning your plate when you go past. (Look up Integral blue) Orwellian is nothing compared to where we have l
  13. Perhaps but your not a real pilot...
  14. Other than the few of you that are real pilots, i’ll bet you none of you yahoo’s could launch off a carrier, refuel then trap an F14. So get over the game vs sim thing. Everything you use is a crutch or shortcut. As real as you can get? Maybe, but even you sanctimonious tabletop “top guns” are on crack. I’m surprised the real pilots don’t call y’all out....
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