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  1. i have this Problem in fc 1.12 b to ! I hope this problem can fixed.
  2. Night lightningh is not a problem. I have found a way. (= But .... I will buy Fc 2.0
  3. Yes i know . Damn English (=.... yes when i use dxt3 with black Color cant nobody see this picture in the Game. Have test the lags .. i have minimized the Picture in 10 X 10 and have colored all black. than i have saved the file in a dds format ( dxt3 ). Than i rename the Picture.Not Pilot.dds .... i mean Pilot.Tga modman cant use the Picture when it locadet a dds file. The Gouges is not realy a problem ! but i need the Hud Contr , Fuel gouges , Hsi and the Left Mfd files. That is the most problem. Sorry for my English ,hope u can understand this. Come from Germany (=. I am
  4. Yes it was a older Mod ( beta ). But this Mod was easy (=. Has not problems with nightlightningh. The new Textures has a other sizes not compatible with the older nightlightnigh. I have Testet 30 formats but not results. I think the right way is DXT5 nm ......maby... i think it is a configuration in the DDS Plugin , but that Plugin is in English language. )= Is it not easy (=. People can download a Plugin for Photoshop ( Adobe ). Maby he can taste the plugin with Lomacs Tga´s. Postal locks for me ! thanks Postal (=. greeting _Jumper_
  5. I think (= ...maby i can edit the sunprotaction ..when i find a way with the dds plug in ....(=. The sun protacion is normal black ... maby i can use textures. It is a idea (=. But in the Moment dont no.
  6. Maby can 8 per color and 8 for alpha channel help. Im not sure. I have make a Tga with Mipmap 1, and Dxt5_NM. It is Black and White. I have a older screenshot with Mipmap 8 and Dxt5_NM. That is the Result ( Picture ). And i have little bit edit the Cockpit. The Bmp Hud Contr is a new Picture , but i have the older Bmp Hud Contr too. I mean the new Bmp is better. I will see what can i dou. _Jumper_
  7. Hi (=. Yes have Problems with edit the Nightlightning !. The Instruments has no Color, it is all Black & White. I use the NVidia DDS Tool , but i have no idea what is the Problem. For :joystick: maby i need :helpsmilie:. A big Reed Me :music_whistling:. _Jumper_
  8. F - 15 V2 I once made pedals which McDonnell Douglas is on it. But I do not know whether the copyright is okay. The F -15 Lock On standart cockpit had no label on the pedals Could I make this so? or do I do that gone?:noexpression: _Jumper_
  9. F - 15 c Cockpit V2 2 Screenshots in Game. Screenshot 2 has no Fps Hits. Screenshot 1 : Tds , Tews was not realy fixed. Screenshot 2 : Have little more fixed Tds. I give in the next Time more Screenshots from the Rear View and Side Panels , maby Nightlightning. _Jumper_:bounce:
  10. Evt liegt es an der Config Lua. Nachm Patchen hatte ich nämlich 2 unterschiedliche Lua Dateien. Nach dem Manuellen löschen hatte ich keine Probleme mehr mitn Stick X 52. Schau mal in die Config Lua ( Joystick ) nach. Und Lösche wenn gegeben die ältere Lua.
  11. Wow that is hard! ( ; Okay, maybe the cockpit is not bad, and i can understand because poeple wait. I fly with my current ver. But that version is not made to upload. Not yet. @ The moment i work on Nightlighning. Have 3 little Problems with Tga ,s. I can not implement all of the way I went want.I other routes for this mod The former version was built quite differently. The V 2.1 was designed with no photos. Everything is done by hand, and this is very complex and cost me several hours. I am working on other things, it is varied for me. Dcs, Fsx F -16 Falcon. Nevertheless! ...
  12. Damn ( ; cant translation Bump <<<. What is a Bump ? aaa.........a little Animal , or...? a sticker for a post card !.....dont no. Have not idea ..What is a Bump (=. What is a Bump ?
  13. http://www.lockonforum.de/thread.php?threadid=4813&page=4 More parts !
  14. Better Physics for All Planes >>> see the Su25 T (= 6dof Cockpits. Better Sounds Maby Stereo (= ....no Eax is not bad !. New Grafik Engine - Soft Shadows Hdr and more (=. Hands in Pit .... or a variable Helm Visor Color for realistic view in Pit > maby Yellow (=. Ohh Christmas ....wonderfull (=... what can i need !. Terrian , Terrian , Terrian > Rock ;Cliffs and more !.....play with the world (=. More Speed im Game ! A two Seater F -15 for Multiplayer ....yes im think it is enought (=. No maby a >>> okay for make better Mods...Hardcodet is strange and Bad for t
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