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  1. Another little bug. When i placed static F-14B and linked to carrier, the wings are folded the wrong way
  2. I and some friends also have this problem. Only occurs in the Multiplayer mode.
  3. Yeah, that's it. Thank you very much, in natops is a lot of information about this display.
  4. Hello Today i was flying on f-14B and i noticed strange display. Anyone know what this might be in the lower display? This is the first time I'm seeing this, maybe this is some spin recovery display? https://i.imgur.com/cc4Jv7O.png
  5. Another thing I noticed is as follows: The crash only occurs with the thrustmaster t150 connected, but when i unplug the t150 and the game loads completely, i can plug this problemic device again and it works fine. Of course I have to do this every time when i want to run the game.
  6. Hello, I have similar problem and the temporary solution was unplug my thrustmaster t150 which makes for a rudder. Here is log file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnnhS3n0DXM3g7kx1CXp_vh4oYok6Q?e=p4jBuk
  7. We have information that the F-14 A version should be available by the end of July. Due to the fact that ED introduced the monthly patch interval and we haven't received it today, does it mean that the F-14A will be released in August?
  8. Do you know any way to download only selected content on a dedicated server? On my dedicated server I have limited disk capacity and after yesterday's update i couldn't install it because i don't have much space for "channels" maps I looked through the files and noticed that all the maps were downloaded automatically but i don't need them. I found a temporary solution by removing other maps to make space for "channels" during update, which cheats the system, but I wouldn't like to do it every updates.
  9. I confirm it, everything works correctly.
  10. Thank you very much for your reply, I appreciate your response to community comments :)
  11. That's true, I checked it out, and after disconnect my driving wheel trims work well, but the problem is more complex. Everything worked fine until i launched today DCS repair tool (integrity check error with fonts), after that, unaware of everything I flew mission with my friends and I was very surprised by this bug
  12. The bug has still not been resolved
  13. Video from described mission: From my point of view, in one moment all players on the server got a pulsing tone like on the video. We discovered one way to mute this sound, after change "helmet" volume to 0%, we have received the long-awaited silence It wasn't SRS sound, only transmited via DCS to all players
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