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  1. It’s because you’re in VIS for the mavs which causes the steerpoint info to go crazy. Workaround until fixed is to change that to bore or pre while in AG mode and it fixes it even when you go back to Nav or AA mode. If you watch closely in Wag’s maverick video it does it there too.
  2. Highlights from a two month op with the guys in my group.
  3. Hornet classes are full but we still have spots for Vipers if you’re interested. Join our discord for any questions or to try flying with us before joining. https://discord.gg/m8VUpGk
  4. The 1st VFW is recruiting for a new class. After a year hiatus getting things setup, we're finally ready to go. We have limited openings based on Instructor Pilot availability (shown below). New members select an IP schedule that works best for them from the list below. Requirements to join: -18 years or older -Own at least one of these modules for initial training: F-16C or F/A-18C -Can ramp start your primary aircraft -Are not a member of another DCS squadron/wing -Willingness to learn and do some homework on your side before training flights What we offer: -Detailed tr
  5. Anyone seeing performance issues after installing the latest Oculus update? When I updated DCS today to try the new update, I also had an Oculus update. After installing it I noticed a significant drop in FPS around trees with MSAA on. I thought maybe it was the DCS update, but I rolled back my DCS install, deleted shader folders, turned off any mods, etc... and it still happens so it seems related to the Oculus update and not DCS. Others in my group with the Rift S are seeing the same choppy FPS around a lot of trees with MSAA on that we didn't see before today. I have a powerful PC
  6. Using the the sound sliders isn't a cheat. It'a not realistic but agree it isn't a cheat. Editing the sound file for the 109 to not sound like a 109 does seem like a cheat. Watch the video the 109 has a custom high pitch sound that makes it easy to identify what type of airplane it is.. and to know when a 109 is on his six without looking, etc... I'm new to burning skies and was surprised to see that sound mod passes the server integrity check. For example I got booted once for using a 190 English cockpit texture mod but yet this sound mod passes? One gives a competitive advantage and the
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