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  1. ED is kidding themselves if they think that this rigmarole is acceptable to install a patch. Every other piece of software on the planet can have a 1 click patch install, why not this? And "it's complicated" is a cop-out. Theres software that makes BS look like Space Invaders, and they have 1 click patches.
  2. Game looks pretty good, but does it let you choose which side you play on in multiplayer ? Thats the problem I found with ArmA, waaaay too many co-op vs. AI servers. I don't see the attraction. It's like beating up retards, no challenge. If you can play op-for, I'm in.
  3. So he was, my bad. Thats what you get for skimming. Still, my #1 rule can't be stressed enough ;)
  4. No offence meant to anybody here, but I think your coming to the wrong place for overclocking advice. Before you even touch your bios, you should hit SEVERAL dedicated OC sites and do some research. I've seen alot of bunk advice thrown around on game forums (none that I noticed in this thread), I even saw someone tell someone else to not bother running any anti-virus at all - on these boards too. You have expensive stuff there, I would hate to see it messed up because of bad advice. Besides, if someone here knows what they are doing- they probably frequent a dedicated oc site. And dont for
  5. Just wait till you start losing power for no reason, or you suddenly lose hydraulic pressure. Talk about those "deer caught in the headlights" moments. Crap like that made me practice my autorotation.
  6. Makes sense it would be the A-10. If I remember correctly, back in the day, the A-10 in LOMAC had a partially completed Advanced Flight Model. Why wouldn't they just finish the flight model, add the clickable pit and update textures. On that note, wouldn't it also make sense to port the SU-25T over from FC ? Just need a clickable pit.
  7. London Drugs, who woulda thought ? That was the only, and I mean ONLY place I could find LO:FC in physical form. They are kinda hit and miss for computer stuff. I found them selling an ATI 9800pro for $350.00 - this was in June - 2008. Other times I've found stuff there selling for insanely cheap. Other times, they were the only place I could find some hard to find software or hardware. Weird place. I bought LO:FC along with a flash card for my camera, some cold medication and a pound of gourmet coffee.
  8. Wow. That has to be the crappiest advice I have ever seen someone give anyone, anywhere. I really hope no-one at your work goes to you for computer advice. If your in IT , I really feel for your company.
  9. This much is true, but in real life, that manpad has to have a visual in order to lock me up. The AI in BS don't have to worry about that little detail - because they don't see the trees. In real life, I would be able to fly within 10 feet of the manpad guy, and if his view of me is obstructed by the forest canopy -no shot. Radar guided AA has the same drawback. I've got no problems with someone wanting to hide in the bushes (actually I do -they are damn annoying and can really ruin your day) but the visual obstruction that the trees provide should work both ways. I can see him being able
  10. Collideable(sp?) trees are not really a big deal to me. The big deal to me is the AI don't even see them. It would be good enough if they couldn't see or shoot through dense forest cover. Nothing worse than a surprise Stinger coming out of a heavily wooded area.
  11. I've noticed in the producers notes on the Datalink that Matt sends one of his wingmen to a specific point brought up on the ABRIS (1:44 into the video). Now how does he get these "target points" into the nav system in the first place ? Is this something that has to be put into the mission itself, or do I punch them in manually , either through the ABRIS itself or the PVI-800 system ? I've tried making a marker with the Shkval (using the 3rd button - the square between the AA and the ingress point buttons) but my wingnuts refuse to go to the designated point. Although I can get them to use
  12. No offense meant, I guess good natured ribbing does not translate well over the net. I just thought it was funny that the link he gave lead nowhere. Guess I should have used a smiley or something ;) Cool Firefox skin, btw.
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