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  1. Wednesday is better since no one wants anything broken potentially all weekend.
  2. Honestly for the reduced functionality I find the VKB and Virpil iterations a bit too pricey. If you're doing a replica pit, worth it but otherwise I'd recommend MCG ultimate for more functions. I'm gonna get around to 3d printing one from Sagil on cgtrader along with the LANTIRN stick. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/hobby-diy/mechanical-parts/f-14-rio-lantirn-stick-suitable-for-dcs-f-14-simulation After I finish my vertical panel button boxes.
  3. Definitely not expecting before the end of EA. I'd honestly hope for bindings first since I've managed to figure out most of it the hard way by now even before you guys made Iceman so much better.
  4. With so many changes and new systems, another in game tutorial seems warranted. The basics are covered though RIO in the air with multiple friendlies and perhaps a bogey on patrol or three at different ranges, shifts and speeds would be nice. Not a combat mission, though a follow on with a walkthrough on a sample intercept, adding some new waypoints, managing comms and countermeasures and doing RIO things seems necessary for completion.
  5. Navy & Marine Phantoms had the Mk 4 Gunpod by Hughes available for centerline point but it seems to have had a very bad reputation, much worse than the SUU-16 or SUU-23 used by USAF before the F-4E with internal gun came out.
  6. I enjoy the immersion but man... thinking they should just combine CA & Supercarrier. F-14A still has the Hornet signals from crew to raise the launch bar while F-14B was fixed....
  7. One kinda doubts IR is even modeled in DCS well enough that the IRST would matter. How well is the SU-27?
  8. That looks amazing. Gotta paint your throttles white, though. Seriously though how are you making these? Laser cutter? Looks too smooth to be 3d printed...
  9. I got the Hornet first and honestly wasn't quite clicking with me. I mean great detail, certainly functional... just wasn't ringing my bell. The Tomcat at first was bewildering with semi useless HUD, kept losing control and spinning when trying to land on the ground... As I got to know and appreciate the raw performance of the Tomcat and where she excels in raw thrust and endurance, though I also began to appreciate the refinement and technological improvements in the Hornet and now enjoy both greatly though am still easily 3 to 1 in hours of Tomcat vs Hornet. Muscle car is the best analogy for the Tomcat while the Hornet is the luxury coupe.
  10. Same here. I did specifically look for that. I meant to look at the flap lever thing, too and they operated normally on my Case I practices just now. I usually don't use the lever for man flaps much anyway except during the startup checks... sometimes by the DLC binding in the air but forgot entirely just now.
  11. Great stories from a legend. Requiescat in pace.
  12. Would love it but would have to be a mod. Would probably feel much like the F-22 mod except with naval capability.
  13. I'm just glad the super swept static wings are finally fixed.
  14. ED said they've dropped the F-4 and opened it up for 3rd parties. Kate's post in the roadmap discussion.
  15. Nice. Can someone do 202 (if not 203 and 204) for the 1989 VF-84? Really really wish dynamic modex could be a thing.
  16. Uxi

    Carrier DLC

    I want CVN-65 and CV-6 if/when WW2 stuff comes out (would need Wildcat and Hellcat as much if not more than F4U). I dunno how much I'd be willing to pay, though. Hoping the mod community and skinning on the supercarrier would be enough for at least the former.
  17. The axis binding lets you stop part way, at least in the maneuver flap range. I do that every cold start.
  18. Just did one of the Marianas landings on the Truman. Burble was definitely less in the F-14B. Froze trying to load the second Tomcat mission (same Instant Action in the F-14A).
  19. Been like that since 2.7 just for the B. Super switch back 180 degree fold that was going to be in the F-14E (j/k).
  20. Bodnar look better for plug and play or if you want some of their proprietary switches like the dual rotary. Arduino if you don't mind programming or want to do matrices for lots of controls.
  21. Yeah that's Hornet style and makes sense, though not how the Tomcat actually operated, though not a big deal if you don't care about trying to emulate that as much as possible and for which an axis is ideal. HB put binding support for both ways.
  22. I was going to say Bankler's Case I trainer, as well but standard weather. Wags did a Case 3 for Hornet. Easy enough to swap out Tomcat and carrier of your choice. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/184352-case-iii-recovery-practice-mission/
  23. As one who plays the Tomcat and Hornet regularly, the thing you immediately notice when trying to re-use missions is that the Hornet runs out of gas a LOT closer and is much slower while doing it. That has much bigger implications for loiter time that aren't as relevant for something like DCS since you don't have to worry about logistics concerns on having appropriate tanker support, etc but the speed thing is very real, as well.
  24. Flap lever on Virpil throttle is perfect axis for it.
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