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  1. Looking gorgeous with great attention to detail. Can't decide which I like the most since I like them all. The medium gray is the freshest look but hard to fault any of them. Will love displaying some and cycling through others in a campaign. I understand your reasons though would encorage Theodore Roosevelt markings since we have that one in the game.
  2. 569 Bulkhead? Supposedly it was high strength aluminum but changed to titanium for new build F-14B and F-14D.
  3. There are others fit the Hobbymaster. Lots of hi viz schemes I'm not as interested in. Best F-14D is VF-32 can swap the two front pallets with Phoenix, GBU-12 or GBU-31. There is a nice VF-24 F-14B, too.
  4. I have too many tanks to build in my model stash, so have taken to buying Hobbymaster F-14's. Trying to avoid having 5 or 6 of them but it seems inevitable. Then I want a VF-84 F-4 to compare with the F-14A... and of course, need an F-14D to join the F-14A and F-14B. And then they come out with another VF-84 F-14A I want (in addition to some of the 80s versions which are too expensive for me to contemplate right now).
  5. AWG-9 there would be tradeoffs due to modernity versus the range. AWG-9 arguably superior to APG-65. APG-73 could not utilize the Phoenix to max range even if the plane could carry it. APG-71 would be superior to both by far. Had huge potential and surface was relatively barely scratched and would have continued to grow the Eagle multi-stage improvement program. AN/APG-79 is way too advanced to be a fair comparison.
  6. NOW you're talking. Whole squadron? My SSD weeps while I cheer.
  7. Does the base software auto update or always manual installer? Contemplating if I want to go to the beta or if will be able to get response from F-14A if I just wait until no longer beta?
  8. Yeah the Tomcat one is nice but incomplete and not talking to the Supercarrier on the final grade. Keeping a record of landings on the board is hopefully on the list for the squadron ready room TBD.
  9. No problem with a checkbox in the ME or settings to have a slider and/or "unlimited" check box in server settings maybe for those who like Air Quake, though at least a budget counter in ME/Campaign would be nice for those who care about more realism. Cold War gone hot would be limited by production ability as much as anything...
  10. I was doing one of the IA dogfights and all my attitude indicators (HUD, VDI, and standby) were broken when I was done and had to land with it showing at almost 45 degrees. Is there any way to do know if over G caused it? I am inclined to first thing bugs unfortunately. I thought the hypoxia from not turning on my oxygen (since it's not listed in the assisted startup walkthrough) was a graphics glitch, for example.
  11. The logistics issue never really comes up and no way to track in game, but how many Phoenix would a carrier have? Could they equip both Tomcat squadrons with 6 Phoenix and still have any reload capacity? Bio's book said they crossdecked new AIM-54C in the turnover from Constellation to Ranger for Earnest Will in May 1987, but that was a new missile then... or did they always do that?
  12. That was because of ROE requiring visual ID, which meant the Phoenix wasn't the right tool. No doubt they could have a good number of kills if unleashed.
  13. Two more downloads. No monotone low viz from 90 to 91 or the black tails with gray/white nacelle stripe from 1992-94? ;)
  14. ED has to do it as part of Supercarrier. Even their non HB F-14A (low res) would do the same thing in the mission editor. Seconded, though. Along with chocks and chains.
  15. Seems more than 2 was extremely rare. I was surprised from Bio's Tomcat Rio book that one of VF-2's standard loadouts for Earnest Will was an asymmetrical 3 sidewinder, 2 sparrow and 1 phoenix.
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