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  1. I bought a few of the 5 button piano interlocks, so definitely interested if you can do something for that! 3d printer ready to rock.
  2. Have you tried scripting and/ or setting waypoints?
  3. Top Gun has so much great photography. Realism is one thing and should be achievable with the right writers. I do wish they had gone with embarrassing instead of cool call signs... and that the Maverick would have gotten at least one gun kill in that furball.
  4. F-4J/N/S top of my want list asking with an SEA map, though was kinda hoping we'd see a North Sea map, too. F-14D?
  5. Hmm I want Saratoga and Ranger more than Forrestal. If it was gonna be a one off, Enterprise would have been my choice. Hopefully it's at least friendly to a mod/livery to change the number easy.
  6. Are the wings of the static Tomcats going to be fixed?
  7. Yup. Would be nice if this went away sooner than later.
  8. I remember their art of a deck crew in various colors went on social media last year, though...
  9. Screenshots in VR now have a circle around them....
  10. VR is great. No performance impact as feared. I do notice strange noises in F4 view. Almost musical in Tomcat while much more of a wind buffetting style sound in Hornet. Also notice if I look at the clouds closely I see them jitter a bit almost as if they're resynching. Nothing like the ruling around the old cotton balls would do. First time breaking through the cloud layer on the Tomcat Syria Supercarrier Case I Instant Action though had a huge grin. Played around a bit in the ME and love the categories Have had a few times where DCS stalled or though
  11. F4 view has this strange almost musical whistling for the Tomcat. For the Hornet, it's more of a wind rustling type thing but definitely seems to be an effect they didn't expect but it is interesting that it's different on the Tomcat.
  12. Will DL when I get home. Noticed the Zone 5 Pitching Deck mission wouldn't load.
  13. Popped under the cloud layer on a quick F-14B Syria case I Instant Action with a big grin. Noticed the sound of the tires hitting (?) Was new. Jester called bolter though it was a 4 wire. Still getting used to Slaws but parked ok. The Reflected Zone 5 Pitching Deck mission was taking forever and DCS froze at about 90%. Relaunched game and loaded one of F-14A missions and it was changed to an F-14B until I went in the ME and changed it back (weapons & armament needed to be reset).... glad the persistent whine is gone. Both versions felt a bit more... energetic on
  14. Yeah I'd really want Miramar and San Clemente Island, etc but probably not ever happening. Expansion of NTTR to cover the whole southwest would be natural since it seemed pretty routine for Miramar based squadrons to fly dets to El Toro, Fallon, etc. The best solution would be some sort of lower resolution photogrammetry solution for the whole globe with detailed maps with destructible terrain sold as modules for specific scenarios. A basic terrain editor would be very cool in the ME.
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