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  1. Sorry I have bad humor. " A fool and his money are soon departed" " Its not what you know that will hurt you. It's what you know that just ain't so. "
  2. The RX6000XT was released today, all sold out duh. But it's retail price is in the high $600 range and is supposed to be close to 3090 speeds. Scalped on Ebag for $1500.00
  3. Correction the steam app automatically starts when DCS is started. I think?
  4. I just put the headset on or put my hand over the front and it automatically launches WMR and the steamVR app or what ever it's called. Then just start DCS normally. The only thing I'm activating with my mouse is DCS.
  5. I have not went through the whole thread and I'm sure you have this set correctly. Check that you application resolution adjustment in steam VR is set to approximately 2160X2160.
  6. Good info but I don't think you need to "open steam vr" I just let windows start WMR and win Y out. Then start DCS normally. A lot of info about steam and WMR is outdated.
  7. What I notice is that I am adjusting and tightening the head set for proper accurate view more with the G2 than the Rift S. What ever that means? Regards Daniel
  8. Just my opinion but the "sweet spot" in the Reverb is more noticeable than the Rift S . It could be the higher resolution causing that effect.
  9. Michael, I hesitate to make or not make a recomendation to buy the Reverb G2. I'm just an old bloke hanging around the house trying to get better at guitar. What I think is if you don't have at least a current CPU pushing 5 GHZ and a 1080ti you will not be happy with the G2 and DCS. I state this and then someone will say that they have a 1070 video card an older CPU and are happy with the G2. You need, in my amature opinion, is to maintain a solid 50 fps so that reprojection gives you a nice smooth 45 fps. I was able to do that with simple missions, proper settings in Steam, DCS, WMR and overclocking my Video card(1080Ti). From my limited experience if your frame rate drops below 45 any movement of your head will result in "ghosting" or "blurring" of the guages and fixed objects that are traveling by you. I would rather have the Rift S with lower res and screen door effect at 40 fps than the Reverb G2 under 45 fps. There may be other settings like a 60hz rate that allows reprojection at 30 FPS? I can see right now that I desire a better Video Card($$$) because of the Reverb G2 where as I was perfectly happy with my Video card with the Rift S. The image in the G2 is better than the Rift S. I can read most writing better in the G2 than the Rift S. I could read most images in the Rift S but may need to lean in closer with some writing with the Rift S. I have not done any dog fighting so can't comment on picking up bogies determining their aspect and so on. Another thing to consider is there will be a lot more information, better than what I'm posting here, coming out soon about the G2 because more people will be getting them. Regards, Daniel
  10. Thanks I'm starting to get it figured out. It was originally set to 200% in Steam. I got it pulled back to 2160x2160 as you stated. How do you turn on motion reprojection? Or how do I know if it's on or off? The 1080ti may be holding it back. In other words I can't even maintain 45 fps. I was able to get around 45 fps by overclocking the card but it was a choppy 45 .
  11. Well I was going to make some more adjustments in Valve but the buggy hand controllers won't come on now? Thought the batteries were bad so I changed those no joy. Plus the mouse just stopped working, again, so had to shut the computer button down by the power button. Tried win +y and all that, It's buggy. Thanks for the info. I'll look into it more, I'm tired of dealing with it for now. I may return the headset. Regards Daniel
  12. I'm familiar with the Oculus Rift, so my opinion may be biased/ignorant, but I find the WMR/Valve software to be clunky and buggy. It's probably me not being familiar with their software, if your a current valve or G1 user you opinion may be different. The usb c port didn't work. Could be my computer? I thought I had a bad headset cause I couldn't get it to power up so I decided to try the USB adapter and that worked. The visual clarity is the best but I am getting ghosting, for example when I fly over the carrier and look down the aircraft are blurry, when I move my head in the cockpit the instruments go blurry. I don't have that problem with the Rift S. I am currently running a 1080Ti that may not be enough video card. I have everything turned down to the minimum, I even went to 100% in the valve software and just stared to maintain 45fps but still had ghosting. I would spend the dollars for a better card but have read somewhere of someone with a 3090 having ghosting. So my opinion after a few hours with the headset is, "It's okay" the visual is the best but it comes at a price. Bad software, ghosting, high video card requirements. I have had to reboot my computer more in the last day than I have the last year because of lockups, mouse problems, and stuttering. I tried P3d and I was way above the aircraft when I activated VR, buggy software. No problems with Oculus it just works. I have the latest windows and video software with a fairly recent 6 core cpu@ 5.0 ghz, and 32 gig ddr4 ram. Regards, Daniel
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