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  1. This has worked for me in the past. I created a function called NewPoint and used it to build a list of points to add to a route. NewPoint = function(UnitType, X,Y,Alt, Action, Type, Speed, WPname) -- AIRPLANE = 0 -- HELICOPTER = 1 -- GROUND = 2 -- SHIP = 3 -- TRAIN = 4 local points = { ["y"] = Y, ["x"] = X, ["alt"] = Alt, ["action"] = Action, ["speed"] = Speed, ["type"] = Type, ["formation_template"] = "", --["speed_locked"] = true, ["name"] = WPname, ["task"] =
  2. Please make sure the water depth in the port areas is deep enough to allow plotting waypoints to enable ships to dock (or at least appear to), thanks.
  3. B52 400.trk https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=241168&d=1593281769
  4. B-52's are supposed to be able to cruise at 442 knots with a max of 552. Anytime the speed is on a waypoint is set to more than 330 knots the plane will not climb until the waypoint speed is set back to 330 regardless of what altitude it is at.
  5. Unit 4 crashes into unit 3 when taxiing from Al Dhafra AB. Repeatable.
  6. The altitude issue is related to speed, your planes are going too fast. I struggled with the same thing using B-52's where it would not break 3000 feet. I thought it had to do with the bombing task as it would head to the correct altitude at the next waypoint after the bombing run, but after a lot of experimenting it was speed. Even though the B-52is capable of cruising at 442 knots with a max of 550, the DCS flight model for it appears to like a max speed of 330 knots otherwise it will refuse to gain any altitude if set for anything higher regardless of altitude.
  7. [REPORTED]AI Helicopters Failing to Pick Up Cargo The video below shows what is happening when an AI helicopter goes to pick up cargo. At about 1:08 into the video the helicopter will quickly pop into the air at the point where it would normally start the sling animation. After that it lands next to the cargo spinning the rotors until it runs out of fuel. Once the helicopter has landed it no longer accepts any commands including reset task. Here is what I have noticed:It happens every time the mission is run It does not make a difference what kind of cargo is used It does not
  8. At this point I have given up on trying to get AI groups with their wingmen to behave in the manner I am expecting them to given how erratic the wingmen fly and their fuel use. Has anyone else tried using scripting to get two single unit groups to behave like wingmen for the AI since ? I've been experimenting with creating the wingmen as different groups and assigning them to escort each other and so far have gotten much better fuel management and formations that stay close together even when flying low to the earth and making lots of altitude changes.
  9. I think the issue is that the wingmen keep getting out of formation with each waypoint turn and then go burn through AB to catch back up after they have flown an extra 10 miles and a dozen altitude changes to course correct and catch back up. Wouldn't the quick fix be to have them cheat by basically copying the inputs of the lead plane once they were in formation until told to break, came under fire, were told to attack or there was damage preventing them from having the same perfomance or were about to hit something?
  10. ED, I love the planes that have been added over the years, terrain and features like the super carrier, have spent a lot of money on modules, but at some point my battles with getting the AI to work as programmed will result in me shelving the game. Building a mission should not be dependent on me having to script my way around the AI not doing what the editor settings say it should be doing. I purchased the game because I love flight sims, but after making a large invest to get back into the game I seem to get more satisfaction out of building missions than going through the learning cu
  11. Am I doing something incorrectly in that dynamically created units do not appear with the correct name on the debrief screen or is this still an open bug?
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