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  1. These look great! Been looking forward to these for a while, when can we download these?
  2. Looks great! Can't wait to download it. Thanks for your time and work.
  3. For the people who only fly the Tomcat in SP and just enjoy dogfighting...then I can see this being a very big deal. If you're like me though, I fly in MP on the 104th server usually just flying CAP for the blue side or some occasional air-to-ground, it is really not an issue. Whenever there are reds on I usually get some kills, but about 80-85% are AIM-54 kills with the rest being sidewinder kills. Fights rarely get to the merge or a drawn out turn fight. While I also want all the bugs to be fixed, none of these current bugs affect me being able to enjoy flying and fighting
  4. I have no idea what you guys are talking about...I use the F-14 on a daily basis on the 104th server against very good competition. 90% of the time I'm flying just BVR air to air and I have no problem. The radar and aim-54 work now and they worked mostly fine before this patch with the exception of the RWR warning problem. I have said this before but it remains true that most of the complaints come from operator error. Your missile is not going to hit every time, just like aim-120s don't hit all (most) of the time, but if you think the F-14 is not good at BVR...I'm afraid you may be living in
  5. I've seen you say this before on here...Downloadable content absolutely does work in MP and it is an option for almost everyone who flies in MP. If you are flying with a wingman or squadron, be sure that everyone downloads the same skins...another example is on a server like the 104th; the regular crowd downloads all the 104th skins so that we can see the members aircraft in the correct skin. The vast majority of people on the server are not going to be close enough to see (nor do they probably care) what is painted on your plane. I often use downloaded skins on MP just because I like to look
  6. Really nice! When will those be available for download?
  7. A request for the excellent skinners here: How about some high quality VF-114 Fighting Aardvarks liveries...both hi and low viz
  8. The A is great but I was disappointed that it only came with 4 liveries. How can we use B skins on the A. I believe I read one of the developers here say it would be possible. I have a lot of skins I used with the B which were really intended for the A anyway.
  9. I was able to load my bindings from the input backups folder in my savedgames folder..seems to be ok now
  10. Downloaded skins work just fine in MP (I use them all the time)...but you and the people you're flying with all need to have the same liveries downloaded. That being said, of course it would be more convenient to have at least a couple squadrons with dynamic modex numbers if it is ever possible.
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