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  1. I can confirm the same issue with the Rift S at 1.2 supersampling. It is a general issue and not a case by case issue... I am just starting to learn the Harrier, so not a big deal but hope the issue will be fixed asap
  2. It seems that the last patch has fixed the issue, no more stutters for me at least. I imagine it is related to this fix: Fixed bug in the global Radio that should have led to some improvement of game performance. Thanks you !
  3. Hey, It seems that the last update has fixed the issue. No more stutters when banking left and right in the free flight caucasus instant action. Yay, it makes my day Update : The patch release say Fixed bug in the global Radio that should have led to some improvement of game performance.«
  4. Just answer that you know how to fast erect your ADI and let the urologist google for it
  5. Yes it is. In the past, I have already extensively worked to try to classify this bug. ED seems to have agreed that the issue is more general. Here is the post : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=261940 It would be great if you can look at it. At least, be sure that the marker receiver is really shut down when we disable it in the plane.
  6. What is good with this story and out of EA mistake is that the bug fixes list is really impresive and that it is great to have you on board ELMO. I have better feeling for the future concerning the Razbam modules that I love and without this story nothing would have changed soon. However, as a developer, I have unfortunately no other words than bullshit for the definitions of the « milestones ». I don’t really care to be honest but it sounds not a good idea to play with the definitions on which the business model is based. You have your internal processes but customers have only one: the
  7. I think it would be better to : 1) extract all the bug post titles, post author, date and url and create a google doc with that. 2) sort the table by author and descending date 3) add a rating field : annoying, very annoying, terrifying annoying, missing feature 4) publish the google doc link here (keep a safe copy on your disk also :) 5) ask the authors to put a checkmark on bugs/feature that must be considered and rate them As you'll see, the bugs have been publish for the most part by the most knowledgable people about the Harrier and people not happy with the current state.
  8. Here is the not surprising but annoying news: https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2020/9/16/21422717/facebook-oculus-rift-s-discontinued-quest-2-vr-connect
  9. Personally, I don't care about EA because it doesn't really reflect the state of affairs.DCS is in constant evolution and the modules must always to be adapted, fixed, enriched. EA is great to reflect a discount period with promises about features to come and of course the knowledge that some essential features are missing. After this period, as a customer and because we are all customers with different background, knowledge and mostly expectation about the realism of each module, what is important I think could be represented by badges : - Is this plane flying formation/patrol ready
  10. All Razbam aircrafts are supported by Baltic Dragon training missions and will provide the best user experience. Rudel_chw has done an amazing job by providing training missions for the C-101 and JF-17. You can download them from the user files section in the DCS website The YouTube series done by Wags are also a good way to learn some of the ED aircrafts, i.e F-18
  11. Are you sure that the clip is well fixed with no play at all. The pro support is so cheap and bad engineered...
  12. Chapa

    Poor Fps

    Already reported here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=261940 I really hope it will be solved by ED because the Mig-19 is particularly affected by this issue :( It’s effectively the marker receiver the root of the stutters/fps drop Mig-15, L39 are also affected
  13. It would be instant buy.
  14. Even with this method, the issue come back sometimes. But it's faster and a little bit less anoying
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