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  1. I tried to do the same exercise in my system. It didn't work . Port pci express 3. Power supply enough 750 watt, but system refuse to boot. That force me to get newer mobo, mem, cpu to use my 980 newly bought gpu
  2. I don't know if here is the right place to say this. I think this video of Normady is master piece! Well done to Glowing Amraam!
  3. If your are old in this hobby you should know how game move on. I believe 2.5 is not close enought! for me summer or even more 2.5 to come. I believe it's better to play with what we have now and don't get to anxious about new releases!
  4. I was hoping for Normandy news too but...
  5. I had an idea. When Normandy 1944 is ready and out, it could be easy to transfer map into today look. Half of the job might be ready.
  6. The desktop background theme of the main menu options.
  7. The default theme has changed from travelling through clouds to Georgia bacground. I hope to fix it.
  8. sotosev


    I found a bug in 1.5.5 release ver DCS word. In the module manager page. In the installed modules folder . I deactivate TF51 module. from this moment DCS word can't login again at all and if I try to go to module manager game hangs there.
  9. final install Hi all, it's been months since I quit playing DCS. One reason was because I said to myself wait to have the hall word in one install instead of having three separate. I visit forums almost every day and haven't seen a word about migration of the 3 install to one. Is there anything new about that or a link I didn’t see?
  10. why windows key + M doesn't minimize dcs word for me then?
  11. I was waiting for long time for training missions to finally start learning this bird I got long time ago. I hope team to increase training missions after finalising those two!
  12. How do I know that! any way to understand what mode I am on?
  13. What I do if I want to return to windows desktop is press ALT-ESC . Then I can see windows taskbar! Alt-ENTER does nothing from what I can understand, just monitor blink.
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