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  1. "Russian Knights" aerobatic team and Sukhoi Su-30 maybe?
  2. Ka-50 is firing all weapons in mission editor without a problem. Probably CA missions are not up to date.
  3. Did you update your windows? Latest win updates are causing issues for some people. When my DCS starts to act crazy, culprit is almost always in windows update or in C:\Users\xxxxx\Saved Games\DCS folder.
  4. After setting path and adding target, Ka-50 won't fire. It happens in all missions from the combined arms module. It just flies back and forth, sometime crash into trees or getting shot down by his targets. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. You could try with L brackets or some similar junk. Wouldn't brag about aesthetics, but it's very solid and cheap. Brackets are screwed into the "sacrificial wood" that sits on top of my desk.
  6. Try this file if you wish. dcs.nip I don't remember where I got it, probably somewhere on the forum. It was working like a beast. I sold my second 1080Ti and regretted. Good luck!
  7. Thank you for your answers. Blink of an eye for my lightning fast 30 Mbit/s connection.
  8. Can someone please tell me is this normal?
  9. Please include more control options for switches and add axis for lights, Yaw Trim etc. One example for comparison, HORNET module has 7 options for one switch: FLIR Switch-Down FLIR Switch-Off FLIR Switch-On FLIR Switch-STBY FLIR Switch-Up and most important FLIR Switch-OFF\STBY FLIR Switch-ON\STBY The A10c Master switch has only 3 not very useful options: Master switch ARM Master switch TRAIN Master switch SAFE It would be better to have "Master switch ARM\SAFE" and "Master switch TRAIN\SAFE" A10C II Tank Killer module is a
  10. I don't believe this is possible. Your resolution is larger than you main monitor. Try to make a screenshot of your desktop and paste it into "Paint" or something and you will get the same result. Maybe there is some "third party program" that can capture specific areas of extended desktop. DCS sees the upper left corner of your #2 monitor as a starting point for x, y. The simple solution would be to manually enter the combined resolution of #1 and #3 monitor into DCS options and move monitor #2 to right side and re-adjust coordinates in lua.
  11. Hi! This is my setup with six Dayton Audio TT25-8 PUCK 8 Ohm transducers and 3 cheap amplifiers.
  12. I'm using Helios only to create additional viewports after every DCS update. I found better screen, but it's expensive. https://www.waveshare.com/3.5inch-hdmi-lcd.htm
  13. You can use USBDeview to quickly navigate through your USB controllers and for renaming check this tutorial https://www.isrtv.com/forums/topic/25278-how-to-rename-peripherals/ You are just postponing your inevitable transition to Arduino:)
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