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  1. Found something that is a little bit old school. ;) OST cover by Eagle Heart
  2. Great marshmallow and chocolate honey syrup sandwiches! Good to see these developments. :thumbup:
  3. Whoop Whoop! :bounce: :joystick::pilotfly:
  4. Very nice work guys! :thumbup:
  5. I'm just thinking (fairly new to Lua coding so please bare with me). Going on gospadin's train of thought; if you have to define your wing sweep commands of 3001 and 3002 similar to how they did for engine start and engine stop found in Macro_handler.lua located in Scripts\Aircrafts\_Common\Cockpit\: Which then is used in the A-10C's keyboard input under:
  6. As a temporary fix, replace the CannonSounds.lua for the Bismark/Hood/Roma mods located in your DCS World > Sounds > Sounders > GroundUnits > WeaponSystems > Tools Folder, with this updated CannonSounds.lua file attachment.
  7. Hi Stonehouse. I am responsible for editing the lua code for the weapons systems and the sounder code for these mods. For the first point, indeed the prior mods will have to be updated with the same files. The same will be said for the North Carolina when released. As for the second point of your post, those changes were artifacts from my own personal modding that slipped in for some reason that I can't remember. My apologies for this mistake. I'll go ahead and have them returned to default. Thanks for your input. :)
  8. My guess is this issue could be due to sounder file configuration. Since v 1.5, new .lua files were added into the sound directory, located in the sounders sub-folder. Sounders files for naval vessel weapon systems can be found in your DCS World's sound folder in > Sounders/GroundUnits/WeaponSystem/Navy. There are lua files of the ships respective of their GT.Name. Copying and renaming a sounder lua file to the GT.Name of your ship mod will do, but considering the weapons are different, the sounder code in the .lua file will have to be altered.
  9. Already 1040 posts in this thread awaiting the Mirage 2000 since two weeks ago? 1040/14 = about 74 posts a day. On average of roughly 3 posts an hour. This bird is really anticipated like blazing low on the deck at full afterburner! :shocking: ::props dropped jaw up:: Well; when it is released, have fun. :joystick:
  10. In such a situation, pressing the key combo for launch permission override could do. But I tried and the Kh-31P's exploded right after launch. :doh: :P
  11. [joke]Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/sa +++![/joke] ;)
  12. Getting better and better. Looking forward to next release! :)
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