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  1. Yep. There's no way to know who's doing what now. I'm hoping this issue is acknowledged at ED fairly early on
  2. Hey ED, kudos for getting the lights to work but my initial concerns are now validated since we can't block people from using the LSO view and the viewport doesn't work too handily in VR. It feels a bit silly having the rogue LSO flash W/O continuosly on you after performing the rather rare perfect approach.
  3. Yeah, it was a blast in VR when it first happened. I felt a bit crosseyed for a moment
  4. I gave the Harrier another go. Or actually tens of them since I wanted to find out whether or not there is a sweet spot after which the spinning no longer occurs. It seems that if you AAR the empty externals from empty to full and spend over 1600 pounds of new fuel (1200lbs or less remaining per tank) it won't spin. Anything less than that used produces the spinning shown in the video and it apparently is more violent the less fuel used. At the 1300lbs per tank mark the plane doesn't exactly spin but starts... shaking. Violently. I tested this with the same parameters as in the video: by sp
  5. Hello, I've encountered this bug and it's been repeatable for quite some time now in MP and SP as well. If you start your flight with empty external tanks loaded, hit the tanker and then jettison the bag your planes becomes an unrecoverable rollercoaster of death. This seems to be the case with the outerboard external tanks that for now have given me a five for five success rate in consecutive tests. The inboard external tanks, when loaded on their own without outer tanks, seem to be functioning as expected (ie. no violent spins) in my tests. As shown in the video below, I start the m
  6. CMPTR PILOT, the default position. I cycled through all the drop modes as well when we started troubleshooting but no joy. The issue isn't that we couldn't get the proper drop cues. In fact LANTIRN shows TREL and when the pickle button is pressed switches to TIMP as it always does but since no station could be selected the bomb won't release.
  7. Hello, This is apparently tied to the GBU-24 but I have a recollection of this happening with other GBU's as well, not just maybe as often. I believe this has been an issue ever since the release of the module and since I haven't found an explanation as to why this happens anywhere I feel this is indeed a bug. When the plane is set up for A/G (Master Arm on, HUD A/G, stations selected as desired, weapon wheel set correctly, the whole shebang) the station flag(s) on the pilots ACM panel do not flag the selected stations and munitions can't be dropped. Just now I did a sortie where we firs
  8. The optimist trapped inside me thinks they're postponing the AI A6 since they're making the playable version after the Tomcats are finished.. :music_whistling: They had (some very detailed) renders of the A6 over a year ago so who knows, maybe we'll get at least the AI Intruder ingame sometime this year. Would also be a decent first chance to make the KA-6 for those cooler refueling ops, playable or not.
  9. I've made a few missions where I've had a ADF beacon transmitting from a trigger zone. You can do this by setting a radio transmission trigger on the desired frequency and the game reads it as properly transmitting station and you can home in on that. Note that you (apparently) need a .ogg file, even a completely silent .ogg looping lets you home in. It works for static stuff if you want to create your own stations but things get more complicated if you want your beacon to move. Other way is through the advanced waypoints. Under "perform command" you have a similar menu but you have to set
  10. RCTRL+K (iirc) marks your position on the ingame kneeboard charts, it's kinda like a cheat since it works even when all F10 map options are disabled. As to the others, if you have the extra 50 dollars you can get a drawing tablet and a VRK tool so you can DIY the kneeboard pages. I know it's not exactly what you're looking for but it's another tool in a box. edit: note that this only works in VR, you may want to look in to it before you go shopping https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=246970
  11. ED has stated in the past that the boom and drogue physics are being worked on making AAR more realistic/difficult. Granted it's been at least a year with practically zero news about it so it may have been pushed beyond the back burner pending bigger stuff.
  12. That certainly wasn't my goal and differing opinions are welcome. This, however isn't really a vote, so I feel barging through the door and being dismissive towards new ideas/wishes on the count of "not realistic enough in these two scenarios" is definitely not the way to voice said opinion. Especially since the wish specifically was for an option to decouple the wave height IF THE MISSION MAKER SO CHOOSES. This doesn't take anything away from anyone and surely separating two joined values shouldn't be a huge development hurdle.
  13. I may have worded myself poorly. My intention was to suggest the disconnect feature as an option in the editor for those who so wish to do for some reason. Those representing the wind=waves school of thought could simply let the defaults apply.
  14. That's stretching it a bit, eh? I'm fairly certain you can actually see my logic and reasoning here without being snarky.
  15. Let's play a game of "what if" and some people want to try landing their planes in crappy weather. You saying it doesn't warrant any change in the name of realism has the same weight as anyone saying +1 so how about you just... let people wish? It's an option, no one is going to take your precious charts away from you :) If the wave physics are how they are now when Marianas map drops and we actually need to place ~70kts winds to get a swell that feels like anything, ED is either going to have to visit the wave setting through "how to model a sea" or "how to make this a slider" and do we wa
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