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  1. Is there something new I have to do or is it a bug that the aim-9 won't lock to a radar target?
  2. Hello. My game is crashing after the latest update. It happend in both MP servers and in SP. Posting one log, the rest is in this thread https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=256858 Thanks in advance. dcs.log-20191204-162342.zip
  3. Hey. Thanks for quick reply. Should be the right logs, but I have only tried the JF-17 after the update maybe there is something wrong with DCS. I will post the logs in DCS World Bugs and Problems.
  4. [iNVESTIGATING] DCS Crashing in JF-17 DCS is crashing when I'm in the JF-17, both MP servers and in SP after a while. Liking the plane so far :pilotfly: DCS crashlogs in attachment dcs.log-20191204-155546.zip dcs.log-20191204-170603.zip dcs.log-20191204-233601.zip
  5. In Wags video on TWS for the Viper there was new RWR sounds at 4:36 min in the video. Did this get released this update? I only have the hornet RWR sounds and I'm so sick of hearing them.
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