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  1. 1 Yes, this is on a Cold Start. I haven't checked in a mission w/ running engines, but will check that as well. I think I have everything else cleared, except the keyboard keybinds. I will double-check though...
  2. I've had the A-10IIC for a bit, but haven't had a chance to really dive into it. I was setting up a practice mission and am having an issue w/ my throttle (L & R) not responding. I've triple-checked my mappings and all appears correct; however, the throttles will not respond/move in cockpit. I've tested in other aircraft, including the 'normal' A-10C and the throttle functions as expected. Appreciate any thoughts/feedback others may have.
  3. Ah! Thanks for that link/info! :-) Yeah, my first actual post - my account was funky and wouldn't let me post/reply, so I've been lurking a little bit here and there. Thank you for the Welcome!
  4. I was flying A10C (not the IIC) in both Beta and Stable versions, and noticed the Master Caution alarm isn't sounding. I get the master caution button on the UFC lighting up, but no sound. Other cautions/warnings (radar spike, missile launch, gear warning) seem to be fine. Anyone else having this issue? Or did I inadvertently turn something off...?
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