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  1. For lockon, I would pick a 256 Mb over a 128 Mb even if the memory of the 256 Mb is a bit slower :)
  2. you can order it on simware. they have a release date for april, 29th http://www.simw.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=dsp_product_details&pid=1338 It's a bit more expensive though.
  3. :icon_pray 100% agree with that
  4. weird, I have only 2 drivers too :confused: lockon takes 16 sec to start loading...which is quite long but not as long as Berkout
  5. use the nvidia official drivers 71.84 for win XP/2000 http://download.nvidia.com/Windows/71.84_whql/71.84_win2kxp_english.exe Alt-Tab to come back to desktop may cause graphic problems too
  6. isn't it normal ? the first installation count for one and you have 3 more left in case you change your adware so 4 activation.
  7. Well, we haven't payed for the add-on nor signed an order contract yet... So we are not customers yet :D
  8. Yes, the RDM (and its various upgraded versions), the RDY and the RDY2 are cleared for export....but not the RDI ... I don't know why, but it is a fact :wink: Now, this fact may change if Brazil shows interrest in used mirage 2000C
  9. French 2000 C use the rdi radar which is not cleared for export. BTW, France will only start to retire her mirage 2000C in 2008. A good oportunity would have been the mirage 2000-5 from Qatar, but India has already put an option on them.
  10. Yes they did :They were at the NATO TLP (Florennes/Belgium) last october/november http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?aircraft_genericsearch=Dassault%20Rafale%20M&distinct_entry=true BTW, french rafale train quite often with the Belgian F-16s mlu. And they don't simulate magic2/sidewinders only :wink:
  11. There is no mix A french 1.0 patched with 1.1 is all in english (texts and coms) There could be 1 or 2 minor things with french specific characters (like é, à, ô) but noting to worry about. Actualy you would get the same little mistakes installing an english lockon version on a french windows.
  12. CTRL T. BTW, I guess you can map a "A+CTRL+T" combo on your hotas. Agree (and ED is aware of that) Agree, if you have the correct warning sounds, please, give them to ED :wink: May be an incorrect joysting seting. Check that there is no axis mapped with an other input hardware (other joytick, joypad, car wheel etc...). increase dead zone. if you use a cougar, you must put linear curves in the CCP. Agree, but on the other hand, it is fps friendly.
  13. erh, longbow 2 was a simulator with very good avionics simulation.
  14. No, it is the opposite. Lockon is a simulator that requires lot of time. Lockon's heart is its missions editor. If you don't have the patience to learn how to use it, you miss 80% of the game.
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