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  1. Update: When I try to format via USB. It still stucks at windows screen
  2. Hi Guys, My pc specs are in my signature. Yesterday I was using my pc without a problem. There was restart warning due to windows update. I did the restart and kept using my pc smoothly. This morning i tried to turn it on and these things happened: * At first try, there was no signal at all. My graphics card fans were not turning. (All other fans were ok). Keyboard and mouse leds were off * I removed the gpu card and plugged the screen cable to the mobo IO panel. I saw a black screen that was saying "pro series preparing auto repair" but then nothing happened * I removed bios battery and re-placed after 30 seconds (same battery not new one). I saw F1 and F2 choice screen. When I hit F2 to run system; It stucked at black screen with a windows logo. When I selected F1, I could enter the bios without problems. But after I selected save and exit, again black screen with auto repair thing showed up. What could be the problem? If it was graphics card, then I could have used the pc with cpu graphic unit. If its power supply, then how come I could enter the bios. I am confused about what to do. Shoud I replace cmos battery or format the pc? I don't want to format it actually so I am very open for the ideas..
  3. This bird will be released by the end of the yer as ED stated. Normally pre purchase periods last about 3 months at least. Since we are entering last 3 months of the year, does it mean no pre purchase for this module or it will be released at the very last days of the year?
  4. Worked like a charm thanks. I guess master arm setup is already there. Thanks again mate.
  5. @Frederfhi, is this ready to copy paste or do I need to do something else? Can you also add lines for laser arm too?
  6. Since the update has been pushed back by Ed, can you show us some previews at least?
  7. @ams999 hi guys, i want to use eng flow L and R switches for laser arm and master arm on/off assign. can you give me the related lines also? thanks in advance
  8. Yay! I hope HB is doing it!
  9. I saw this in roadmap topic and I think that it deserves a topic about it. I wonder that if vehicles get colder if they are not working or firing like in arma3
  10. yeah they look good but prices are more reasonable at buddyfox
  11. will there be other planes' ufc replicas also? like f-16 icp?
  12. I am speechless. an ED producer gives an interview and we still don't know exactly what he/she meant and said
  13. Now I am focused on orion. So i would be appreciated if this info provided
  14. Hi guys I have tmwh stick and thinking of buying orion stick too for hornet. If I buy orion stick, can I use my tm f16 stick with orion base? Is it compatible? Because I want to keep using f16 stick when I fly with f16 and a10c Thanks
  15. As soon as my main landing gear touches down, nose of the plane slams to the runway less than a second. So it doesn't give me a chance to keep my nose up. I know I am not perfect at landings but at least I could do flares if I didin't cause tail strike already. Has something changed?
  16. No one would like to buy phantom to wipe all other planes and ground targets from the server. We all know it is no match against a hornet with 10x amraam with its a few aim7's. Or against a-10cII to make CAS. We want it because we love it as it is.
  17. Hi Can anyone make a fictional desert livery based on RAF Tornado for F-14? Bomb marks are not important for me
  18. Don't forget me
  19. Are we going to see it this year?
  20. It is weird. If ED makes an F14D, then Iran can upgrade its ancient A versions by playing DCS world?
  21. this problem still exists and i have heavy stutters
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