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  1. thank you sir. downloaded already
  2. I prefer a texture ovehaul for both inside and outside. Maybe some minor additions. Plus a Uh60.
  3. Ah ok. So this is not the big update that we have been waiting for.
  4. So 256 is coming, I thought we will switch to 2.5.7 after reading yearly newsletter. I guess I misunderstood
  5. ED officials said that F4 most likely be done by a 3rd party developer about a month ago. So I hope HB will do it rather than other devs. Because their modelling quality is superb. And also they have tremendous experience on AI pilots and multicrew
  6. And even they had already started to make it..
  7. ebabil

    Apache Liveries

    Are there any desert liveries other than IAF?
  8. In the night environment, mfd menu is very dark. I push the button and increase its brightness but when I switch to another menu, mfd becomes dark again and I have to increase again.
  9. What are your favorite liveries? Actually I don't know too many. Just standart dark US apaches and Israeli desert ones.
  10. Congrats for new forum section !
  11. E Version and a carrier version would be great
  12. I hate boresight process and I find it unnecessary. IRL most likely it is not boring because they are not using meverick everyday and even more than one flight a day. I think that in this game, it could be ignored. Especially we still have too many missing features..
  13. This doesn't change the fact that a simple rack texture is missing for 2 years. We cannot see most of the plane body from the cockpit. So why don't they just model the cockpit only?
  14. They need to keep in business. It is not ubisoft or electronic arts. It is very normal
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