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  1. Fail appeared today with GBU12. I dropped 3 GBU12 with succes, the fourth gave me the big yellow Autolase fail.
  2. Done it for me too, but it's rare. Yeah, Tacan off/on is the workaround
  3. I have flown a mission and dropped 10 GB12 and no error today. I will off course submit a track file, if it happends again. Sry guys, just found out I posted in wrong forum, it should have been A10 C II. You can delete or lock the thread if you want. Sry.
  4. It was first drop. Instanly the the big fail message came up on both DDI's and I couldn't get rid of it. The bomb dropped, but off course it did not hit.
  5. I thought the autolase fail was fixed, but I have just had the problem, twice. It was online on Caucasus on two different servers. Both times it was with GBU 12. One with 15 sec. lase and one time with 20 sec. lase. I will save the trachfile if it does it again.
  6. It did it for me yesterday, it was very severe. It was F18, online on Georgia.
  7. I hope you are good at it, cause heli's and warbirds can be a challenge. Good luck.
  8. Got the problem too. The text at the two on/off buttons above the DDI's is very bad. I wouldn't be able to read it, if Ididn't know what it was. Other texts are also bad. I have just reinstalled thesim after 9 month break. Before I had no problems. ED, do you have anything on the subject? SOLVED: I screwed up,forgot to put textures at high,now it's much better. Sry.
  9. Thnx. Just waisted 2 hours on this s... ED, pls make it a lttle more clear, somehow. Check Google to se how many that have been hit by this silly thing.
  10. No serous improvement ? So, I don't need to install an take my Hotas out of the cupboard yet ?
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