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  1. I made sure it was on flat terrain, but wasn't aware of the range bug, which may well have been the problem. I'll check this evening. Gotcha; in that case, the bug (really more of a UX issue) would be that the Fire at Point UI doesn't indicate when it's been configured into an invalid state.
  2. Title. I'm on the current open beta, no mods. Ballistic Missiles SCUD truck no do SCUD. You can put 'em in firing position by setting status red, but no combination of Fire at Point parameters will make them deploy from green, nor will they actually shoot anything when given a Fire at Point command after deployment. They might do something after an hour+, but ain't nobody got time for that. Ship-Launched Cruise Missiles These fire and go boom as you'd expect, but ignore the task's zone radius, preferring to make sure its centroid is VERY dead. It's possible this is intentional, albeit far from obvious--saturation bombardment with cruise missiles is terribly wasteful--but I'd love this option for a cinematic because it'd make it a lot easier to blap bases without painstakingly placing a million FAP tasks for one Tomahawk each. Here's a missile's-eye view of the problem. The scattered scorch marks are from the ship's gun employed in the same FAP task to validate that its radius was properly set, but fear not, the same thing happens if you set the task to force cruise missiles instead of auto weapon selection: ${1}
  3. Track replays have been broken for approximately forever and, no matter what you do, will immediately and aggressively diverge from the recorded flight. Given how long they've been broken, you probably shouldn't hold your breath--but perhaps this thread will help a PM somewhere reprioritize their backlog :)
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