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  1. My bad... so... where is Charlotte „Charlie” Blackwood ?
  2. I find Mrs Bradshaw... inverted... at "HB_F14_CPT_CANOPY_R_L" but i didn't saw Meg... she must be somewhere...
  3. Mate - greate job but what if i want to change Meg for somebody else? I find file with Mrs. Bradshaw but cant find texture with Meg :V
  4. Kiowa & Apache it will be nice cobat set as "Pink teams" (or as you like Hunter-killer team). Just need to wait as somebody will announce UH-60 and there is a chance I will put my AV-8b to hangar for a loong time ;)
  5. After last patch i didn't see any "Allowable launch circle on the EHSD" :V
  6. If you still play, look at this: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3307049/
  7. Hey there! Anyone know the command that is responsible for generating the server tactical number on taill of UH in description file?
  8. Theoretically, there is an option... I wanted to test it myself, but I didn't have time for it. You find the texture of the crosshair and then replace it with a transparent mask. it could be useful to change the texture of the reticle ... Theoretically, it can work ... it can also practically make you unable to access most servers because you will get an error with the consistency of files ... A sure solution would be to use a custom cockpit - if there will be a problem then you just reload the cockpit settings :) As for EVU, you can 'manually' edit the files responsible for skins -
  9. I create, or rather modify, the painting package for Mi-8 inspired by machines used by Polish Air Forces. However, I have a problem - just like improving a few elements (pilots' texture, fuselage or interior plating) wasn't difficult, that changing the look of the gunners and KORD mechine gun is beyond my capabilities. Textures aren't problem. I find orignals and easy modified them, but I dont have any ideas what commands in description is necessary for load modified, not basic files. PS - I have heard rumors that by modifying the description file you can force the game to fire not
  10. Hello there! I use Gladiator / Javelin for a long time. It was greate when I was playing Il-2 BOS and learning how to fly F-15 in DCS. When F-16 arrive I know that I will need more 'control' over the virtual aeroplan. Lucky for me I get nice offer - TWCS & T.16000M for half the price. Basically, I wanted only throttle but my friend gave up so right now I got one extra joystick... and crazy idea to creating something that will combine the functionality of the Gladiator (mass of buttons + grip that I love to use) with a very precise internal mechanism of T.16000M.
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