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  1. I cannot count on my fingers and toes the number of times when entering or egressing the cockpit during the Development, the throttle pinkie was snapped. Eventually the Procurement bloke, sick of sending them off for repair had a large foam box created to sit around it!
  2. Never fly multi player, not since I owned Lock On, what, 20 years ago?? Not my thing, same as a gazillion other players.
  3. Only thing I can think of with regards to the Track IR - that is a whole lot of moving pixels, might make you feel weird? Aside from that, congratulations on your lottery win!
  4. Nice build and great thread, great work mate! Enjoy your flying.
  5. With all these bombs we need a better ground environment.
  6. I think the buildings need to be more interactive, perhaps even making more building objects so you can build a small village of friendly and hostile buildings youself so you can attack on and not damage others. Also, buildings that cars can enter, so perhaps a UAV tracking a UAZ or Ural triggers to attack this building in so many minutes before the target leaves. I suppose a mission scripter could have a checkpoint defended by Bluefor with attacking Redfor who they need defend or resupply with troops in helo mission... I just think the aircraft are solid, t
  7. Problem I found with car chairs is the weight, fine if you have a pit, not so great to get it on wheels. I did use a car seat for a numbers of years with a solid base and some casters but it wasnt great looking and I looked like Davros from Dr Who. Recently I noticed a cheap chair rated for 10 hours use (would check that out, some office chairs are rated at 6 hours, not good for your posture if you are gaming 24/7). I bought a ONEX chair which at $259 AUD is pretty good value - dont know if they ship them to Norway though.
  8. That is an fantastic build, congratulations and such a well made pit, feel bad shooting you down now!
  9. Awesome pit and great write up, it wont end there though!! Nice one :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  10. I get a bonus at work but have never spent one or even part of one on myself, its always gone on paying off holidays, loans, home reno and so on. This year I have the opportunity to spend a bit on myself, I will say 5-6k AUD. I am long overdue a new PC and with this money I could get a top of the range PC and $1000 latest VR. I use the computer every night, not yet in VR and the current PC does what it needs, ie. I could eek it out until the next years bonus or beyond. The alternative is to buy an e-bike - namely a Sur Ron off road electric mountainbike. I have wanted an off road moto
  11. Price of these parts are getting ridiculous now, I built a top end rig for less than $2k about 5 years ago, maybe a bit more. Now just the GPU is more than that.
  12. 9 women cannot make a baby in a month, perhaps some of the fixes are being worked on by the best they have whilst the tea boy and work experience girls are making weapons?
  13. Some Change Management fundamentals have been missed here. A forum is only as strong as the community, don’t be so arrogant so as to not listen to the community and perhaps you should have tested it in beta first. I have people work who claim ‘they know best’ and their project fail frequently.
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