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  1. I think he meant the EPU check on the safe for exterior CL, could be mistaken though
  2. Indeed, EPU check is late on the list, but it's the first thing I check when I get near any F16
  3. It doesn't state why, but I think it's to prevent the fuel pumps being powered when main power is turned on, during testing phase of the various systems inside the aircraft, when aircraft is defueled for maintenance, to prevent the pumps running dry
  4. I'm not going to post any links, sorry I never claimed that, i only told you what's in our books, to indicate there are different procedures used over the world. It's not the American way everywhere you know...
  5. We have supplements in our books which are only applicable to our country. You will never find those in your books. And no, im not going to post those either
  6. I work with MLU aircraft only, can't tell whats in your books
  7. Some checklist may be more country specific. Also, there may be differences between TO's and checklists aswell. Im pretty sure about Engine Feed that we set it to off and CNI to backup.
  8. First sentence, something called engine shut down procedure...
  9. As per checklist engine shut down procedures, Engine Feed knob should be set to off, Comm 1 and 2 fully rotated counter-clockwish, Airsource knob set to off, C&I switch to back-up OP has some valid points, it's a great idea to add some realism
  10. In RL Pilots tend to forget to set some switches aswell. Thats why we use a checklist to set the switches when we get into the cockpit, it's always prior to turning on the main power in the cockpit. But i think it would be nice to see random switch positions in a cold start scenario
  11. Pylons cannot be jettisoned, they are bolted to the wings. Weapon racks can be jettisoned and as Panther mentioned the fuel tanks are dropped with the pylon attached.
  12. I know what boresighting is and how Mavericks work *with* the TGP and i personally dont have any problems with it. Just giving some options to those who have
  13. If people find boresighting not their cup of tea, then just shoot them in VIS mode or without handoff from TGP or dont use them at all 3 options already ingame Problem solved
  14. Like mentioned before, go to the "Cruise" page on the ICP and press "0" on the ICP
  15. Not this again... There is already another similar topic below this one A and C versions are completely different aircraft, not just a few bells and whistles (closest comparison is a MLU).
  16. I dont think you can increase the speed of the cursors I can only recommend to bound it to axes like a ministick or something. Not only faster, but also more precise
  17. You can set it in the kneeboard while you are on the ground. (R-shift + K) I think the engine needs to be off too iirc After that you need to change the code with use of the ICP to match the one you set on the bombs. There is no way in the F16 to change the bombs code inflight
  18. If im not mistaken, this bug is already reported
  19. No, its not possible in the Viper. There is simply no way to adjust it from either cockpit or the gun
  20. Sorry, but if you know how missile seeker heads work (especially IR seeker heads) when the aircraft is powered, then this above story is bollocks
  21. There is no way of setting the ROF in the real jet. It's also not depending on the gun, but more on the systems which drive it.
  22. That will damage the electrical systems for sure in RL. It has a reason why some switches are operate in a sequence.
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