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  1. You do realize its an "early acces" F16? Many people simply don't understand or refuse to understand what this term means
  2. You won't get the lines to show, since the rings are part of an overlay ( i think?). Non of the planes from which i exported the RWR show the rings, as far as i can remember If you do want to have those rings, you might want to look for a program called Helios
  3. i'm not sure what i can and cannot post on the internet about this stuff, so i choose not to. And besides fudabidu it pretty well I like my job and i prefer to keep it that way
  4. Without going into details..... so that you can simulate a "flying" aircraft. Use of weapons systems is prohibited by a couple of switches, when aircraft is on the ground
  5. It does work on the ground, I do it every time. Make sure master arm is in simulate and ground jettison switch to enabled.
  6. You don't have to boresight every Maverick, only the station/racks that carry them.
  7. 1. Full fidelity model. Its already in the name...... you want it real, you got it real. If people want some sort of easy mode, they might be better of in another module like flaming cliffs. There is a reason why only the best pilots get to fly fighter jets. 2. People don't need to align them in the air, you can do it on the ground too. Just make sure you put master arm switch in simulate and ground jettison switch to enabled.
  8. That would actually be a bug, since the misalignment happens when loading the Mavericks on the rack
  9. This is the part that is not happening on my end. If i press the OSB marked CNTL, it will still display the aircraft symbol, like you have in SMS page. I'm not getting the grid where it shows the count down timer and coordinates. i uploaded a screenshot to show. As you can see, the OSB CNTL is highlighted and yet i still shows the aircraft diagram. I loaded 2 LS-6 bombs, let ground crew update DTC, insert DTC and load it, Master Arm on, select LS-6, wait for it to stop flashing and after that, press CNTL and nothing happens, except for the lower part of the SMS page changing
  10. Sorry to dig this one up, but is it fixed already? I read the patch notes back till october, but couldn't find any info I having the same issues as OP with the slew controls. When i'm in WIDE view, the slew works correct with my analoge stick (Warthog), but when i set zoom to narrow, i have a hard time controlling the seeker head. When i use the keybord to control the seekerhead, it works fine too
  11. Hello, i bought the Jeff after trying it out this week and going through the weapons, but i'm struggling with these 2 bombs in the manual and also in Chuck's guide, after you power on the bombs and press the CNTL button, you can see the alignment status of those bombs. But i'm either blind or stupid, i simply can't get the timer to show. I'm seeing an airplane symbol with weapons carried, but no status What ami doing wrong? Or has it been changed to show somewhere else?
  12. This was in multiplayer on Kirks Free flight server. Don't know if it makes a difference or not in what server you fly. But i solved my issue by learning to start the Jeff myself, its not that hard to do
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