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  1. https://thewarthogproject.com/displays https://www.ebay.com/itm/IIC-I2C-2002-20x02-OLED-Module-Display-For-Arduino-PIC-AVR-ARM/131059330863?hash=item1e83beaf2f:g:EWQAAOxy4t1SmHym CMSC.ino CMSP.ino
  2. Sorry, my code doesn't work for you. The A-10 does it differently. The F-14 does not have the ability to display the frequency one digit at a time, but only on a common line. My code on 3rd and 4th digits works correctly, only it outputs switch position 0, 1 and 2 (1 is middle position) Can you use these lines? PILOT Dial 3 ARC-159 Frequency PILOT Dial 4 ARC-159 Frequency PILOT High ARC-159 Frequency
  3. Try to rewrite my code for A-10c with a library "TM1637TinyDisplay6.h" 333.ino
  4. Yes. I have updated the bootloader via Arduino-IDE. I updated one ward with an old loader and the other adduino with a new loader. Both arduinos worked well.
  5. Yes. I had good MAX487. But some arduinos didn't want to work with them. The PX and RX LEDs were off. After my experiments, sketches stopped loading on these arduins. I upgraded the bootloaders and everything worked fine.
  6. Try updating your Arduino bootloader. It helped me.
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